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October 1, 2019

Dear Journeywoman,

It is hard to believe that it has only been a few weeks since we shared our news with you in the middle of August. Since then, I have responded to HUNDREDS of emails and messages. I am truly blown away by the outpouring of love, personal anecdotes, and touching stories you so generously shared about Evelyn. Thank you for the emails, calls, invitations, and advice on all things Journeywoman.

Carolyn Ray and Erica Ehm, with Evelyn Hannon's iconic red boots
Extending the legacy of Journeywoman: New Journeywoman CEO Carolyn Ray (left) and Erica Ehm (right), daughter of Journeywoman founder Evelyn Hannon, with Evelyn's iconic red traveling boots and the original newsletter. (August 12, 2019)

In September, I was invited to attend an industry event in Montana, the Travel Bloggers Exchange, where Evelyn's contributions were honoured by her peers. Not only was she acknowledged as the world's first female travel blogger, many people told me that she inspired them to find the courage to pursue their passion.

Extending the legacy of Journewoman: New Journeywoman CEO Carolyn Ray (left) and Erica Ehm (right), daughter of Journeywoman founder Evelyn Hannon, with Evelyn's iconic red traveling boots and the original newsletter. (August 12, 2019)This has shown me how much impact one person can have on the world. We're seeing this now in real time with 16-year old Greta Thunberg and the global climate march that took place in hundreds of cities around the world on September 27.

I have been learning as quickly as I can about the past 25 years of Journeywoman, and it has been an awesome voyage. So, inspired by Evelyn and all of you, this month's newsletter theme is Inspiration. The people, places and things that inspire us. That inspire you. The journeys we take on the road to self-discovery, learning and growth. And, of course a tribute to the original and inimitable Journeywoman Evelyn Hannon.

We hope you enjoy this 'first' issue and welcome your comments and feedback.

With gratitude,

Carolyn Ray, CEO + Publisher, Journeywoman, Signature

Carolyn Ray

editor at

Let's Get Inspired

We're always looking for new places to explore, and new ways to discover our world. Sometimes our journey starts with a bit of inspiration – from the stories of others, from books we read, or a desire to understand our ancestral origins. I believe that Journeywoman is a sisterhood of women who support each other in our journey of life, with travel as a unifying experience. A sisterhood that supports each other in its desire to learn and grow. A sisterhood that is a safe place where women can express their ambitions, their fears and their foibles – all in the spirit of self-discovery and learning.

This month's ticket to Inspiration includes:

JOURNEYWOMAN BOOK CLUB: Like Evelyn, I am also a voracious reader, and believe that books inspire us to travel. Ursula Maxwell- Lewis was kind enough to help us restart the Journeywoman Book Club, and to share her top picks, using much of your recommendations from Facebook and Instagram. Whether you're an armchair traveler, an inveterate explorer searching for inspiration, or a wanderer looking for a print 'companion', let's exchange books! Read on here!

GETTING TO KNOW YOU: I am eager to know more about you: How often do you travel? Who do you travel with? What's on your bucket list? Please take five (5) minutes to complete our online survey. This will help us provide content to you that is practical, helpful and inspiring. All responses are 100% confidential. You can fill out the survey here.

JUICY TRAVEL TIPS: This month we received many fabulous travel tips from the Journeywoman community. These female-friendly bits of advice cover all parts of the world, from Vietnam to Thailand to the Isla Mujeres (The Island of Women) in Mexico. Several of our Journeywomen have been travelling to high altitudes so there are some tips for climbing mountains and volcanoes! Get your tips here.

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HOT TRAVEL DEALS: From Ireland to Kenya to Thailand, these deals will definitely be of interest to you. I am thrilled to have so many sponsors listed in this newsletter issue, which could not go out without their support. Please visit our Women's Travel Directory for more deals.

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ELEVATE Your Year! January 8-10 – Start 2020 feeling renewed and revitalized. Retreat with an intimate group of amazing women at a luxury lakeside inn & spa nestled in the ancient Blue Ridge Mountains. Rest from the holidays, gently reconnect with nature and realign with what matters. Led by International Executive Coach and Certified Nature Retreat Leader, Cynthia Radford. Link:

WRITE * JOURNEY * EMBODY IN A MAGIC MOUNTAIN VILLAGE IN SOUTHERN SPAIN – NOVEMBER 12 -16, 2019. A Faraway is Close 5-day writing adventure to evoke la naturaleza dentro– your true nature: earth wind fire water ether–in embodied writing and movement. Encounters with land, story, community in the mythic Alpujarras. Facilitated by award winning writer/director Shebana Coelho.

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NEXT ISSUE: DECEMBER 2019 – HOLIDAY ISSUE: Our December Holiday issue is themed Memory and Rituals: What we do to build community, to spark joy. The experiences we share. The things that hold our memories and transport us when we encounter them. We'll also explore how to gracefully survive multi-generational travel, memorable souvenirs and how food and other sensory experiences can help us relive our travel experiences.

SEND YOUR IDEAS AND TIPS: We're compiling all the holiday goodies. Tell us about an off-the-beaten track place you've been to, your bucket list destinations for 2020, best tour guides, when things go wrong or your best holiday advice. All ideas are welcome. Our full editorial calendar into 2020 is posted here. Email: Put the words, 'My Holiday 2019 Contribution' in the subject line. Please don't forget to include your first name and the city you live in. We're counting on you ladies!

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