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A TRAVEL AND LEARN OPPORTUNITY -- Evelyn Hannon, Editor of Journeywoman.com has been given the privilege to observe and report on some of the World War One commemorations and exhibits being held in Flanders, Belgium this year. Amongst her stops will be a visit to the Flanders Field Museum and attendance at the Last Post Ceremony honouring the fallen of the Great War. You will be able to follow Evelyn's journey on www.Facebook.com/Journeywoman. Mark your calendars; photos will begin being posted on Friday, May 30th.

(Photo Visit Flanders)

EDITOR'S NOTE: When I was in high school it was mandatory for all students to learn the poem, 'In Flanders Fields.' This poignant poetry describes the battlefields in Flanders where countless lives were lost. It implores that in the future those who died would not be forgotten. How could I have imagined that 60 years later I would be one of the visitors paying her respects in this part of the world? It is, indeed, a privilege.

Evenlyn Hannon, Editor, Journeywoman.com


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(Beth Santos, Founder and CEO of Go Girl Travel Network and the 2nd annual Women's Travel Summit to be held at the Revere Hotel, March 27-29, 2015 in Boston, USA)

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