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The Older Adventuress Deserves Travel Goodies


Travel solo but not entirely alone...

If you've been an independent traveller all your life and would like to continue to do so as an older adventuress, there are innovative ways to keep your freedom and still benefit from the security of an 'almost-guided' holiday. For example:

ur Journeywoman website classified ads list many excellent resources for the 'do-it-yourself' traveller. We have a Tours for women only category, a female travel agents and travel clubs section and a full article listing over 50 guides around the world recommended by our Journeywoman readers who will be happy to show you the best of their cities and countries. You can also join our FREE women's directory of women willing to help other women as they travel to their part of the word. Their website is: You can read what other females say about this service by clicking here.

Travel books and newsletters...

For more information and travel ideas, check your library or shops for the numerous titles written especially for the older adult. They contain very valuable information for those of mature age.

Journeywoman recommends:

Alison Gardiner's guide, "Travel Unlimited, Uncommon Adventures for the Mature Traveler" (Avalon Travel), and

Joan Heilmans book, "Unbelievably Good Deals & Great Adventures That You Absolutely Can't Get Unless You're Over 50" (Contemporary Books).


E-mail newsletters are free and informative:

Registering for our FREE monthly Journeyman newsletter assures that you will receive our best selection of travel tips by e-mail. To see samples of the best newsletter tips from 2003 until now, please click here. You will love them.

Registering for Journeyman's free award-winning newsletter assures that you will receive our best selection of travel tips by e-mail. Our site also contains links to the largest assortment of women-centered travel opportunities on the internet. Take a peek. We bet you'll find an adventure that entices.


Adventuring just for young kids?

So you think you're not young enough for big adventures? Hogwash. Think again.

In January 2008, 68 year old Evelyn Hannon joined 750 students and a dozen 50plus life long learners on a 108 day voyage around the world with Semester at Sea. You can read all about her fabulous adventures in her daily blog at:

In 1999 Roselyn Hebert learned about a ship scheduled to sail around the world as the new millenium began. Her four-and-a half month odyssey took her to such exotic destinations as Antartica and Easter Island, snorkeling in the Seychelles and exploring Iguazu Falls in South America.Through her book and website (, she has shared these experiences with her four children and friends. Very inspiring. Take a peek!

Don't you think it's time you had an adventure, too?

P.S. If you are a 60 plus woman who has had a wonderful wander somewhere in this great big world, please let us know about it. Maybe together we can convince other gals around the world to hit the road, too. Write:


She prepares for her trip...





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