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Mothers Tell Daughters About Travel

I would tell my daughter this about travel...

Don't be scared. It is important to be smart and alert but most people in this world are good and trustworthy. Learn and experience as much as you can! Downtime is important on every trip but you need to make the most of every day. Go with the flow! (Elaine, Maastricht, Netherlands)

Travel allows you to become more outgoing or even silly. Email copies of your passport, credit cards and critical numbers. Not knowing the language is not an excuse to hide. Make mistakes, use hand gestures, draw pictures, smile and laugh at yourself. Travel light and remember -- everything goes with black. (Linda, St. Charles, Illinois, USA)

It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. It builds character, self reliance and self-esteem. (J'Amy, Santa Barbara, USA)

Do it whilst you can. Don't put it off for another day - go when each opportunity arises. (Judy, Goulburn, Australia)

'Stuff' wears out or breaks, memories don't. Spend your money on travel. (Jessie, Spokane Valley, USA)

Go enjoy the sights and people of the world on wings, water, wheels, or foot!  Bring back stories to share with me when I can no longer go myself. (Jan, Morgan Hill, USA)

Just do it! (Melinda, Nashville, USA)

Every day is an adventure. Adventure travel can be as far as the other side of the world or as near as a wrong turn in your hometown. Life and travel are what we make them. Keep your bag light and smile. Let your heart take you. (Carolyn , St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands)

Be brave. Know that the world is really quite small and we all have so much more in common than in difference. Get out there and see it and experience it. (Louise, Brisbane, Australia)

Never be afraid to go somewhere on your own. People everywhere are generous, fun and can teach you something you did not know. (Evelyn, Ottawa, Canada)


For daughters and god-daughters everywhere...

Travel for fun, be bold, be brave!
Travel to learn, share ideas and rave!
Travel to earn and enjoy the art!
But remember to travel with care and stay smart!

Travel to live, to love and to laugh
Travel, make friends, be courageous and dare
But make sure you always stay safe and aware!

Travel and pay forward to someone in need, 
As some day they may return the deed.
Make sure you stay safe and keep on your toes!
You just never know when you will receive that rose!

Submitted by Liz Sauter in Toronto, Canada.


And even this...

Travel now, whenever and however you can, don't wait until you retire or until the kids are grown. Do it now. If you wait, there will always be interference -- some thing, person, or excuse. Don't listen -- please go forward, do it for your mother who may have waited too long. (Judy, Yucca Valley, USA)

The earth is not flat and does not end at the edge of town. Go see how other people live -- expand your mind. (Mary, Sundre, Canada)

Travel every chance you get! Don't just talk about it. Don't make excuses. Plan big, but don't overlook opportunities for small. Every trip - regardless of how far or how long - will alter your world view and your self view, for the better. I promise. Just go, see, do and enjoy. (Melanie, Council Bluffs, USA)

Don't wait. Seize every single opportunity. The only trips I regret are the ones I did not take. (Martha, Salem, Oregon, USA)

Treat every mishap as an adventure. (Geraldine, Fort Fraser BC, Canada)

DO IT!  You have the privilege to see how others live, feel history, observe beauty in many forms; you learn to see things in a different way. You become a person with more depth and empathy for others, someone who is, quite simply, more interesting. It is a wonderful education!  (Laurie, Irvine, USA)

Experiences are with you forever, a possession can last forever but isn't with you forever. Better to experience life and the experiences & memories it can bring. (Lesley, Aventura, USA)

Check the travel tips on for the area you will be visiting to know the customs and to dress appropriately. If possible contact someone who is there and smile, take pictures and have fun! (Millie, Thunder Bay, Canada)

Open your eyes to new spaces, new faces, new foods, new experiences. It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. See the world through open eyes. (Regina, Cuenca, Ecuador)

"Two roads diverged in a wood and I,... I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference". Robert Frost has been my inspiration and I hope he will be yours too. (Cris, St. Albert, Canada)


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