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Mothers Tell Daughters About Travel

I would tell my daughter this about travel...

Never accept an invitation from a man you meet while travelling to go on his boat. Voice of experience. (Sandra, Toronto, Canada)

Don't re-invent the wheel! Get the Journeywoman newsletter and see how other women's experiences can guide you.(Sandra, Kurrajong Heights, Australia)

You can do whatever you want to do! (Carole)

When I die I will NOT be saying, "I'm glad I had a beautiful big house with all the latest appliances." I will be saying "I'm glad I travelled to so many places and saw so much of the world we live in." (Marg, Cambridge, Canada))

Travelling is like living your imagination. All those things you've read about, dreamed about, even fantasized about, can become a tangible smell, touch, and taste when you make the effort to follow your imagination. Sometimes travel can disappoint, honestly, but usually it exceeds your expectations. (Sherry, Ottawa, Canada)

Don't put it off! Start while you are young and invest in your memories. Pick a date and decide where you'll go first. Then make a plan for how you'll pay for it. If you wait to plan until you have the money saved up, you'll never go. (Pat, Vacaville, USA)

Travel provides more adventures than can be believed. Yes, you will make mistakes, you will forget to pack something, you will lose your way... but these make for the most marvelous memories. So... get that passport... pack that carry-on (nothing larger, please!)... and go off to enjoy the world!  (Phyllis, St. Louis, USA)

Do it as soon as you can. I will guide you on your first adventure if you need me. (Stephanie, Ottawa, Canada)

Discover the world, be curious, meet locals, learn positive believes and practices from each culture, keep your family informed and the (Canadian) embassy contact close by just in case! (Marlene, Canada)

Do it. Go near. Go far. Just travel. Don't spend money on trendy expensive shoes or expensive bags. Whether you have a 9-to-5 or an off the beaten path job. Travel. Experience life outside your zip code. Collect worldly experiences and cherish the memories. (Rosemary)


And I would also tell her this...

Don't be afraid. Be polite. Dress to blend in with the local population. Learn a few words of the local language: hello, goodbye, please, thank you, excuse me. Read up on the area. Get a good map. Do some exploring on your own even if you are with a group. (Joan)

Take the first step, it will change your world. (Corin)

Do it! You will never regret the time, the money, or the experience. Your world will expand beyond anything you could have imagined. It is all about reaching for the things, places, and people you thought were far beyond your reach and growing in wisdom, knowledge and maturity. (Joanne)

Just do it. Go where your heart pulls you to. Go alone if you want to. Anyway, anyhow, just travel. (June)

Travel is the best education you can ever invest in. Travel among the people where you visit, share a table, a meal, a drink. Ask questions of everyone you can, and listen to their answers. You will learn so much about the world, past and present! (Sue, Minneapolis, USA)

In leaving the familiar, making new connections to nature, the culture, the people, you expand yourself beyond being a woman, a Canadian, a manager, or whatever labels you have. Your discoveries are equal on the inside as they will be on the outside. (Sunita, Pickering, Canada)

More than money, more than beauty, more than a university degree... TRAVEL will enrich your life and make you a better citizen of the world. Travel will open your eyes, your heart, your mind, your future. If you have the opportunity to tarvel, TAKE IT! If you don't, then MAKE IT! (Deborah, Toronto, Canada)

Save your money and start travelling early. Life always has options - you set your own priorities. Yes, family, kids and career are important, but so are the things in life that are specifically important to you. Travel helps you find out those special specific things that make you a better and wiser person. (Carol)

I would tell her to be available for the stories she can hear while travelling. I would also tell her to enjoy planning the trip, then to enjoy the trip as it unfolds: they are very likely to be two different trips. (Andrea)

GO!  My husband has dementia and is in care; instead of bemoaning my life's story I plan travel alone. There is a lot of enjoyment to be found in the researching, planning and then taking a journey as a woman alone. (Adele)


"The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page."

- St. Augustine

Travel will provide the education that no university in the world can. You will meet people who are educated and those who aren't; but the stories you will hear will be unforgettable. Many will be about love, others will be about war and family histories from generations past. (Glynis, UK)


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