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Female-friendly Toronto -- 32 Fabulous Tips

Most women love shoes...

I'd like to tell other JourneyWomen about the Bata Shoe Museum housing over10,000 shoes. This beautifully designed, five storey structure by Raymond Moriyama (in the shape of a shoebox) is home to Sonya Bata's shoe collection as well as a display of primitive footwear, stars' shoes and more. Artifacts on exhibit range from Chinese bound foot shoes and ancient Egyptian sandals to chestnut crushing clogs and Elton John's platforms. The Museum shows-off the style and function of footwear in four impressive galleries. Over 4,500 years of history and a collection of 20th century celebrity shoes are reflected in the permanent exhibition, "All About Shoes". Located at St. George and Bloor (327 Bloor St. West) very close to the St. George subway station. Website:
Jan, Lecanto, Florida, USA

We all need some fantasy in our lives...

Want a little bit of fantasy escape during your visit to Toronto? Need a special outfit for a special event while visiting? Stop by Malabar Costumes, 14 McCaul Street, phone 416-598-2581. Malabar has been in business 60 years and makes many of the costumes for Toronto's theatre and opera productions. They have over 20,000 costumes in stock and available for rental (or sale) --choose from any historic era and/or any well known character. Try on costumes and imagine yourself as a medieval or Renaissance princess, Victorian lady, 1900s Gibson Girl, 20s flapper, Marilyn Monroe or Queen Amidala from Star Wars. Malabar also sells theatrical makeup, wigs, and accessories such as elf ears and angel wings. Their service is great! When I rented a medieval costume that was a size too large, they completely repinned the hooks to give it a better fit. Great fun!
Diane, California, USA

Pamper your hands in Toronto...

When it comes to caring for your hands, I nominate Tracy Sheridan of Yorkville's Lid Salon for 'Best Manicure in Town" award. Not only is Tracy great at what she does but she's lovely to chat with as well. I guess I'm not the only one who feels this way -- I see Tracy's name popping up in local style and beauty magazines all over the place. Tracy's contact info: Tel: (416) 967-3311. Address: 106 Yorkville Avenue
Evelyn, Toronto, Canada

Tour the market area...

Have a couple of hours to spare (from Wed. to Saturday)? Interested in meeting up with other visitors to Toronto? You can join the St. Lawrence Market's Food and History Walking Tours. This includes food sampling in the Market, a visit to the Market Gallery, and uncovering some of the historic lore of Old Town Toronto. Tickets $20. Not interested in a tour? Then just pop into the market and browse -- maybe even pick up lunch or dinner goodies. Saturday is a great time to mingle with Torontonians doing their weekly food shopping. Website:
Adele, Toronto, Canada

Watch Breakfast Television for great advice...

My best piece of advice for Toronto is to watch Breakfast Television. It will point you in the right direction. Last year I was in the city three times and heard about the fabulous Textile Museum yard sale, and the One of a Kind show at the Canadian National Exhibit -- both courtesy of Breakfast TV. So take a few minutes in the early morning to tune in -- it starts at 6:30 AM -- and see what's on in town when you are visiting Toronto.
Margaret, Long Beach California
Ed. note: You can also pick up the Toronto Star newspaper for excellent tips on daily happenings in the city.

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