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Her Travel Secrets:
Advice and Tips From Travel Writing Pros
.....sent to Journeywoman from female journalists around the world.


9. -- On Holiday With Mama?
Traveling with your mother, best friend, or sister, you may find that as much as you enjoy spending time together, there are times when it is best to spend time apart. You may consider going with a group where it is easier to occasionally go off and do your own thing, and not feel guilty. You each will have quality time alone and with each other.
Marybeth Bond, Author of Travelers Tales - Gutsy Mamas, California, USA

10. -- She Dresses Modestly Everywhere
I truly believe it's vital to dress modestly. I remember years ago being in Mexico with a female friend and striking up a conversation at a cafe one day with two young American women at the next table. They complained bitterly about how the Mexican men were harassing them. We almost laughed out loud, because they were wearing heavy makeup, very short shorts and skimpy tops with d´┐Żcolletage to here. We, on the other hand, had very few problems on that trip because we dressed in long, voluminous dresses, wore no makeup and had scraggly hair. Sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do.
Felicity Munn, travel columnist, Toronto Sun, Canada

11. -- Her British Bed and Breakfast
The Penn Club (21 Bedford Place, London, WC1B 5JH) is a great place located in the heart of Bloomsbury and run by a Quaker Society. The rooms are clean if not exceptionally cozy; the staff is friendly and the breakfasts good and filling. Need tourist information? For the latest rates call: 0171-636-4718
Frances Bartlett, publisher, Vietnam on a Plate, Hong Kong

12. -- She Never Forgets Her Pareo
Travel memories can last a lifetime and be useful as well. In 1971, a travel friend presented me with a gift. It was a pareo from Tahiti--a luscious blue sarong covered with hot-pink hibiscus and white plumeria. Since then, the pareo, its colors and fibers now soft with many washings, has travelled with me around the world. In a pinch it becomes a wraparound skirt, a pair of shorts, a beach towel, a blanket, a shawl or even a bathrobe. Travel memories accumulate with each wearing, with each destination.
Carla Dole, freelance travel writer, Berkeley, USA

13. -- She Enjoys Dining Solo
Here's a tip for travelling businesswomen. To deflect unwanted attention from service staff who pity your solo dining state, let them in on a secret. Share with them--the sooner the better-- how much you have looked forward to treating yourself to a solitary meal.
Marya Charles Alexander, editor of Solo Dining Savvy newsletter, South Pasadena, USA

14. -- Her Fancy Lunch in Dublin
Treat yourself to a fancy lunch. If you want to join the scene of some of the movers and shakers (not to mention "beautiful people" and celebrities) make for La Stampa. In Dublin, our gossip columnists thrive on who is seen here--and the food is good too! There is a set lunch for 10.95 (punts) - very reasonable by Dublin standards. Booking is essential (Tel: 353-1-677 8611). 35 Dawson Street.
Brenda Weir, editor of Inside Ireland newsletter, Dublin, Ireland.

15. -- She Always Carries Some Local Currency
Yes, travellers cheques are safer to carry, but remember to change at least small amounts of cash into local currency before leaving home. Coins always come in handy for phone calls, tips or snacks between flights or at your final destination.
Pamela Campbell, columnist Mature Lifestyles, Toronto, Canada

16. -- Where Will She Retire?
There need to be more "get acquainted" tours for people seriously contemplating living in a foreign country, or who want more of an insider's viewpoint. One company that's doing a good job is O. R. N. (Overseas Retirement Network), 950 Surrey Drive, Edwardsville, IL 62025; 888/535-5289. I'm going to Belize with them next month. They've lined up North American retirees and business people to talk to us, and we'll hit some of the tourist spots as well. This particular company has tours to other Latin American countries too.
Ruth Halcomb, editor, Network for Living Abroad, Sherman Oaks, California


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