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Her Travel Secrets:
Advice and Tips From Travel Writing Pros
.....sent to Journeywoman from female journalists around the world.


17. -- She Expects a Weight Loss
Whenever I am travelling rough, I now pack a belt for usually I lose weight and my trousers are in danger of falling down by the time I get home.
Dr. Jane Wilson Howarth, author of Bugs, Bites and Bowels, United Kingdom

18. -- What's in Her Bag?
Before you leave on a trip ( not matter how long you'll be away) list the complete contents of your bag (that's everything...including make-up, books and medications) Carry a photo of your suitcase as well as a description of it (make, type, etc.). Should your bag be lost or stolen, you'll have everything you need with you in order to expedite a claim.
Mary C. Clarke, editor, Smart Woman Traveler, Utah, USA

19. -- Mary, Mary, How Does Your Garden Grow?
If you've got a green thumb or simply love flowers, check out the B&B Guide for Garden Lovers featuring over 80 B&Bs in England, Scotland, Wales and northern France. These B&B owners all share a passion for gardens and love to share this with their guests. Members also pass on information about gardens and nurseries in their areas. Homes vary from cottages and farmhouses to rectories and manors. Send an SASE 22cm x 11 cm envelope with 4 first class UK stamps or 3 International Reply Coupons (available from your local Post Office) to BBGL Handywater Farm, Sibford Gower, Banbury, Oxton, England, OX 15 5AE.
Susan M. Boyce, editor of Travel Impulse, British Colombia, Canada

20. -- Sun, Sand and Sex
Females beware! Crowded tourist beaches are notorious pick-up joints. In Jamaica, the Gambia, Aegean Turkey and Brazil a well-developed gigolo culture has emerged. Women arriving alone are assumed to be on the lookout for a holiday boyfriend, someone to share a good time and holiday cash with. Don't be fooled by the lyrical sweet-talk, your replacement is probably arriving on the next plane.
Natania Jansz, editor of Rough Guide's More Women Travel, London, England

21. -- Solo Travel Security
When you're travelling be selective about whom you tell you're alone. Normally, you can trust people with this information but, when in doubt, say you're with friends or a tour group.
Sharon Wingler, author of Travel Alone and Love It; A Flight Attendant's Guide to Solo Travel, Chicago, USA

22. -- China -- Her Summer Dress Code
Travelling in China? Please understand that Chinese women consider shorts very casual. So, if you plan to wear them, make sure that they are the "walking type" that reach at least to your knees. The same goes for the length of your skirts. Sandals are perfectly acceptable in Beijing but be sure to wear sandals with a heel strap. Those without are classified shower sandals or bedroom slippers and the Chinese will consider them rude.
Jan Wong, author of Red China Blues, Toronto, Canada

23. -- 99 Travel Tips For Mature Travellers
This free publication is designed especially for the older adventuress and adventurer. Expect ninety-nine bits of good advice on everything from how best to research a destination to correct insurance coverage to maintaining a healthy diet and staying fit while travelling. If you're too young to qualify for this 50 plus advice, order a booklet for your mom and grandmom. They'll love you for it! Call: Vantage Deluxe World Travel at 1-800-784-0935
Evelyn Hannon, Editor, Journeywoman Online

24. -- Her Own Way -- Lots More Good Free Practical Advice
Hot off the press and very helpful! Make sure to order your free copy of "Her Own Way" -- a smart-looking 23 page pocket-size booklet brimming with up-to-the-minute practical advice for women travellers of all ages and at all stages of their lives. Published by the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada, this publication covers a wide range of topics including The Pregnant Traveller, The Older Traveller, Alone After Sundown and Coping With Foreign Bathrooms. Call: 1-800-267-8376 (ex.5) in Canada. Outside Canada? Not a problem! It's posted on the internet at Enjoy!
Evelyn Hannon, Editor, Journeywoman Online, Canada


Editor's Note: P.S. Why not e-mail this list to one other travelling woman somewhere in the world? Invite them to join the Journeywoman Network at It's free, it's fun and the more members the merrier! Already over 100,000 women have come to visit.




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