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Good Deeds Done by Journeywoman Travellers

I shared my water...
While hiking up to delicate arch in Arches National Park, we ran across a family that was on their way down from the top (2 1/2 miles), It was about 95 to 100 degrees. They were out of water and still had about a mile left to get to the bottom. We had four large jugs of water with us so we filled up their water jugs. Thats it... we just made the trek for them a little more comfortable.
Dana, Erie, USA


I gave food to a panhandler...
London, England: summer 2008. I don't give money to panhandlers, but if I have food, I'll give that. I handed a sandwich to a guy with his hand out on Oxford Street at rush hour. I felt a tap on my shoulder and a young businesswoman asked me if I did that often. I said that if I had something with me then yes, I gave it. I had the feeling it made a distinct impression on her. I saw no one else acknowledge panhandlers in any way. I find myself wondering now if this woman has given something from her lunch to someone in need. Has someone else seen her and done the same? How many people on the crowded street that day saw that small act, and have since done the same thing? Our actions have more possible consequences than we can ever know.
Michelle, Edmonton, Canada


I gave away eye glasses...
On a recent trip to South East Asia I gave away around 10 pairs of reading glasses to older acquaintances. I had bought the glasses at the 99 cent store here in Long Beach. They all had the original price tag on them which was anywhere from $19.99 to $49.99!
Sunny, Long Beach, USA


I teach English to children in Vietnam...
At present I am in HoiAn teaching English in a children's home. I have been coming to Vietnam every winter for four years now and I either work in the Blue Dragon children's home or help a friend at a Mentally challenged school in Quang Ngai. Three years ago I stayed in Quang Ngai for three months working in the government orphanage and teaching night school. I made friends with some of my students and now visit them every year. One year I went to Cusco, Peru to learn Spanish and also helped at a daycare for undernourished children.
Gaye, Newmarket, Canada


I helped a seasick cabinmate...
I finally reached my goal of visiting all seven continents. My last two were South America and Antarctica. I made sure I had a patch behind each ear and a wristband on each wrist because I have only been seasick once in Thailand, and did not want to repeat that situation. My roommate was Chilean and stayed in bed most of the time we sailed. My Spanish is so-so but I brought her fruit and cookies, encouraging her to eat and drink. I also offered the bottom bunk to her since it seemed ideal for a rush to the bathroom, but she refused and seemed embarrassed. It was difficult to help her because she was quite lethargic. Once on solid ground (and my 7th continent), her smile returned, her sickness disappeared and we were able to take in our mesmerizing surroundings with glee.
Leslie, Arlington, USA


I help people find their way...
I don’t know what it is about my face but it seems I have the words 'Information Booth' printed on my forehead. No matter where I am in the world, people always stop me to ask directions. Lucky for me, they always ask about a spot I researched or just visited myself. I have faced a number of challenges in my numerous travels but it is this small act of kindness that makes me feel connected to my fellow travelers and the one that makes me happiest about my decision to travel even when certain obstacles would dictate that I do otherwise.
Pascale, Montreal, Canada


I helped women across the street in Paris...
While in Paris I came across two elderly women standing on the corner at a busy intersection. The shorter one was holding the taller one by the arm. The taller one was holding a white cane. Yes, both were blind and attempting to cross the street. Due to the heavy traffic they were having trouble determining when the light was in their favor. I asked (in English, my only language and not knowing if they would understand me) if they would like some assistance. The taller one replied in English that they would. She took my arm and as we slowly crossed the street she asked where I was from, how I liked Paris, and made other small talk. When were reached the other side they thanked me profusely and wished me a good trip. I watched them walk slowly down the sidewalk, then I went back across the street to continue my journey.
Pam, Seattle, USA


I helped another volunteer...
I have been on 5 volunteer vacations with Global Volunteers. Most recently, I was in Romania for three weeks working in a children's clinic. One of the other volunteers, an 18-year-old student with a heart of gold and no travel experience, came on a scholarship and had very little spending money. The whole group wanted to go off sight-seeing for the weekend. Another volunteer and I paid for this young woman's expenses so she wouldn't be left behind. A grand time was had by all.
Elizabeth, Toronto, Canada


I saved a woman from her partner...
I saved a woman on Sydney's Northern Beaches. She was being choked by her boyfriend. I was lying in the sand, squinting, when I realized he was lying on top of her not to kiss her, but to choke her. I went over and started yelling and got a lifeguard, who did nothing. I spirited the woman away for a day and got her to call her mom back in Holland. The pair was a young couple on vacation and since he didn't know English (she did), he was feeling more and more anxious and dependent on her and he flipped out. What a jerk. He just was terrifying. But she was nice. I was so relieved to have been there -- the beach was sparsely populated, and the few guys around were taking the 'not my business, mate' attitude.
Avra, Sydney, Australia


I gave my seat to an older woman in Greece...
I got the last seat on the bus from Naxos town up the mountain to the villages. It's a "flag me down" bus that makes a circuit of the island. Sure enough, a mile or so up the road the bus stopped to let a woman on. She was very obviously senior to the other riders. The bus was jammed, aisles full, but no one offered her a seat. I stood up and motioned to offer her mine. I got off at the top of the run, and didn't think of her again. Hours later I flagged the bus to go back down to Naxos town and there she was, apparently delighted to see me. The seat next to her was vacant. She patted it and I sat. All the way down the mountain she told me stories. Too bad I don't understand Greek!
Rachel, Austin, USA


I donated supplies to a school...
My friend, Joyce and I, while traveling in Ollaytaytambo, Peru, asked for a recommendation on a good place to eat. We were referred to "El Corazon" After eating the best grilled cheese sandwiches on the face of the earth, we began chatting with the owner. She said the restaurant's main goal is to teach nutrition to local families and that everyone who benefits from the restaurant also needs to contribute anything from splitting wood, preparing meals, visiting schools, etc. Well, the school supplies and art materials Joyce had packed found a home, high up in the Andes Mountains.
Melody, Oregon, USA


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