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Journeywoman Twitter Tips of the Day


102. Looking for a bathroom? Use the word 'toilet'. That's the term likely 2 B understood by most people in most places.

103. Be proactive. B4 going 2airport put change,keys,cellphone, rings,etc. into ur carryon.Makes security check easy.

104. Packing a fleece jacket? Don't! Wear it onto the plane. Saves room in your luggage+is a gr8 pillow.

105. Traveling with a pet? Be sure to carry record of all shots. U may be asked for proof of immunization.

106. A room facing a main street can mean traffic sounds well into wee hrs. Trade view 4 good nights sleep.

107. Put thick sweatshirt @ front of backback. If thief slits pack with knife sweatshirt protects contents.

108. Fragile souvenir? Cut used water bottle in 2. Wrap tiny item in sock+put in bottle.Tape bottle closed. Pack!

109. When flying fight dryness in air. Keep half cup water on ur tray. Water evaporates+adds moisture to air.

110. Pop a few cheap dollarstore padded envelopes in ur pack. Use them 2 mail little gifts from on the road.

111. Traveling solo in North America? Here's a list of Museum Events for Singles.

112. 4 every stay in major city try 2 take 1 day in nearby town. Change of pace helps U 2 appreciate both more.

113. Attending busy event with kids? Write ur cellphone# in marker on their arm. Safety first.

114. Choose a novel featuring your next destination+start the book on ur flight over. Heightens anticipation!

115. At close of each travel day record 1 thought-good or bad. Becomes mini diary of sites,encounters+emotions.

116. Emergency backup! Store vital travel docs only on secure sites online. Regular email accounts can be hacked.

117. Put your camera away 4 a bit. Take in the full travel experience+deposit in your memory bank instead.

118. Allow kids 2 buy+write 1 postcard per day. Save. Makes gr8 show+tell travel album for family records.

119. Dont pack good jewelry. Buy something 'fun 2 wear' from street vendor at UR destination. Safer+gr8 souvenir.

120. In a city with nasty reputation 4 safety? Look less like a tourist by swapping ur shoes 4 local sandals.

121. Sore throat on the road? Save pac of salt from resto. Dissolve in hot water+gargle. Helpful!

122. Traveling with toddlers? Put UR business card with cell# in their pocket just in case they wander off.

123. It's 10PM at home. He's in Beijing. Too late to call? Use WorldClock 2 find out

124. Use small mesh laundry bags from dollarstore 2 pack UR clothes. Underwear in 1, tshirts in other, etc.

125. How much does it cost in UR currency? Create+print a currency converter table

126. Not on business? Flying at noon makes sense cuz like highways, airports also have rush hours.

127. Hotels charge more 2 launder women's shirt than men's. Having laundry done-call your tailored shirt a man's.

128. Want to knit on airplane? TSA says pack needles under 31 in.+ made of bamboo or plastic (no metal). Your best bet is to pack knitting needles that are no longer than 31 inches and that are made of bamboo or plastic (rather than metal).

129. Save sample pacs of moisturizer 4 travel.Don't tear open.Make pin hole+squeeze small amt each use.Lasts longer.

130. Save $$ Don't buy bottled water from mini bar.Fill UR own bottle free from fountain in fitness center.

131. A cloth diaper makes a gr8 hand towel when backpacking. It's absorbent, folds flat, rinses easily+dries quickly.

132. In Japan beware of groping on packed trains. During peak hrs look 4 'female cars' located at end of train.

133. Always have fare ready B4 entering subway/bus, etc. This way potential thieves never see where UR wallet is.




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