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Which famous woman would you travel with?


Evelyn Hannon


In one of our recent Journeywoman Newsletters we asked members of our JW Network to tell us in under 45 words which famous woman they would like to travel with and why. There were so many excellent submissions that we couldn't post them all. However, these are a sampling of the entries we received. We hope you enjoy reading through all of them and perhaps thinking about which famous female you would like to travel with.

Nicole Kidman
She would open my eyes to the beauty of the land down under including the incredible
bird life - pink & grey gallah parrots, beautiful cockatoos, noisy lovable lorikeets and the amazing laughing
kookaburrah. We would also do a 'walkabout' and learn the history of the Aborigine.

L. Summers
Maya Angelou
An extraordinary woman: perceptive, talented and feisty, with a sense of adventure and a passion for justice, art and life. I know I would see the world through an incredible lense with Maya Angelou by my side.
Katherine Macnaughton-Osler
Freya Stark
The woman who journalists called 'the female Laurence of Arabia' as she was one of the first English women to travel into the Middle East. Her unconventionality and intelligence made her a insightful commentator on the places she visited.
Amy Hildreth
Condoleezza Rice
It would be a thrill and privilege to be in the company of this brilliant and accomplished lady. I am sure I would bring some of her wisdom home with me along with my travel photos!
Alice Poupard
Far from the glare of cameras and press, I’d love to travel with Oprah along the breathless beauty of the Nam Ou river in northern Laos or the sand dunes of Mongolia’s Gobi. Imagine: Oprah, anonymous adventuress in Asia.
Amit Janco

Kathy Griffin
She seems like she wouldn't be taken by any scam artists while traveling in foreign countries plus she has a great sense of humour.
Beate Pradel

Amelia Earhart
I think she was a brave women who took risks and did what she wanted to do. She pushed the boundaries society had placed on her and I think she was her own person. I believe she is one of the greatest women adventurers and she would motivate me to push beyond my fears and just JUMP!
Anita Bunnie
Sarah Bernhardt
Not only would she be a savvy traveler after visiting practically everywhere in the world (multiple times!), but she knew how to do it in style and panache.
Anne Burner
Evelyn Hannon
Travelling nudges me out of my comfort zone, allowing me to experience the best of every city. Despite my shyness, I have met many friendly people on my travels. I could get more out of my journeys by learning from the best.
Carol Law

Alison Botha
A South African and survivor of a brutal rape attack, her deep courage is a light for all those who may be a little nervous to travel alone. To travel with her would be to have a light in darkness always.
Alexandra David-Neel
She's an intrepid explorer, mystic, feminist, anarchist. Her adventures defied norms of her time. In 1918, disguised as a beggar, she walked to Lhasa when westerners were forbidden. Her courage, intellect, and indomitable spiri, would make traveling with her inspiring, educational, adventurous, and empowering.

Leslie Steeger

Michele Obama
She is intelligent, poised, confident and any travel opportunity in her company would be a very memorable one. Her status as First Lady would provide opportunity and excitement for both of us. In addition, we would experience travel in a very unique way. I would also have the opportunity to be accompanied by the Secret Service and have absolutely no travel worries or concerns. I really wish this experience could happen!
Margaret Conroy
Narcissa Whitman
She was a pioneer among pioneers as the first white woman to cross the United States over what is now known as the Oregon Trail. What an adventure this would have been in the 1830s. I have long admired her for this feat.
Cheryl Probst
Queen Noor of Jordan
I would love to travel with her in the Middle East. Her Western upbringing combined with her many years in Jordan give her a unique perspective of the history and culture of the Islamic world.
Christy Goossen
Christiane Amanpour
At 53 years of age I’ve decided to pursue an M.A. in International Conflict. And Ms. Amanpour would be the perfect partner to have as I explore the globe from a most untourist like propestive.
Debra Wilson
Sally Ride
The woman knows her way around outer space. I'm quite confident she'd know how to get anywhere on earth!
Cindy Nelson
Ellen Degeneres
She would keep me entertained and shed a whole new light on things.
Debbie Haentjens

Elizabeth Gilbert
I read the book "Eat Pray Love" and thought it sounded like she had loads of fun.
Meghan cross

Amelia Earhart
It doesn't get any better than this pilot, the original Journeywoman! The whole getting lost in the ocean thing would be a bit of a downer, but a little risk is good for the soul.
Kim Schutte
Michelle Obama
She's intelligent, seems funny, lively and we are both lawyers and wine lovers. What could go wrong?
Paula Bichuete
Adrienne Arsenault
She's a CBC journalist with unique perspectives and inquisitive approach to global journalism. She sees the world differently than many people, and that kind of fresh take on places and their people is something I value. Plus, she seems totally fearless!
Lindsay Young
Maya Angelou
She is an inspiring woman and human being. Her words are a gift from God. I would love to travel with her and just have continous conversations about our destinations on the trip and in life.
Lisa Russell

Oprah Winfrey
I would love to go visit Egypt in style with her because the trip she recently organized to Australia was incredible. We would go watch the sunset at the pyramids, cruise down the Nile, take in all that beauty in high style!
Lara Ibrahim

She was one of the most intelligent and intriguing women in history that we don’t know much about. I would love to have traveled with her from Alexandria to Rome and had the opportunity to speak with her about ambition, leadership, and love.
Cheryl Brusuelas
Jane Goodall
What a thrill it would be to visit the sites around the world where she has influenced conservation and community development.
Carol Baker











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