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Menopausal Tours


Are Women Preparing to Travel Again?


Just returned from Australia...
Hello Journeywoman. I just returned from Australia after ten weeks. The security at Sydney and L.A. Ex was very tight and line ups were long but the flight was without incident. The airports are pretty quiet in comparison to what used to be normal travel. Allow lots of extra time . I love your web site. I do have an orange ribbon on my luggage. Keep up the good work. All the best.
Carolyn, a Journeywoman in Canada

I'm trying to overcome my fear of flying...
I have enjoyed your website for a long while now. What would be so very helpful to someone such as myself that has travelled far and wide, is now how to over come the fear of getting on the plane - overcoming the fear. How do we begin to break it down into manageable pieces and being able to again enjoy travelling. I am actually quite surprised at myself since I have always prided myself at being a "leader" with my friends and family, encouraging them to take every trip and discover new place, have adventures, etc. I can imagine there are others out there who could use a boost to again rediscover travel without terror.
Michelle, an American Journeywoman

Ed. Note: Anybody who has advice for Michelle, can send her an e-mail via our office and we will forward it to her. Put Michelle's name in the subject line. Mail to:

We must move on...
We are all saddened, as you say, but we must not be so frightened that we cannot or will not continue our lives. The terrorist attack in New York was truly awful and we should not forget that, but we do have to move on because that is what life is all about - moving on... We truly do have nothing to fear but fear itself. Let us not forget, but let us move on, let us travel.
Linda, a Canadian Journeywoman

Travel, travel, travel...
I'm a Canadian currently based in London, England but travelling every chance I get.
Julie, a Canadian Journeywoman

I must visit New York...
Hello. I live in the Washington area, just a mile from the Pentagon. I now feel drawn to New York, perhaps as a part of my own need for mourning as I know several people who are still listed as missing there and so many people here are affected as well. I think others might want to visit soon too. But New York is a big place and pretty expensive. I'd like to suggest a newsletter on some tips for New York.
Edrie, an American Journeywoman

Ed. note: There's some very interesting NY tips in our article, 'Women Tell Women About New York' at: Take a look. I think you'll appreciate the information.

Travel is enriching...
Naturally everyone is reeling from the recent horrendous events but I hope people will continue to travel as keenly as ever because nothing is so useful and enriching as firsthand knowledge of other cultures, and ultimately (let's hope) the way to peace. Warm wishes.
Sue, a Journeywoman in Britain

Kudos to American West...
I have not traveled since the disaster but will be going on my next trip in October. I wish to congratulate American West on their efficient use of email. They have kept me informed of what they are doing, new procedures and what to expect when travelling. Since this service is not standard and the information was timely and appreciated, I figured it was worth a comment.
Dolores, a Journeywoman in Alice Springs, Australia
A note from a tour operator...
Evelyn, I wanted to say well done for your last email newsletter. All tips were such excellent advice under these new travel conditions and the idea about the orange ribbon is brilliant. I'm happy to report no cancellations at all for my tour company. On my September 22 Arizona Spectacular, all 8 showed up with a couple of them muttering that no bunch of crazed zealots was going to stop them seeing the West! Mother Nature came thru as a wonderful healer (including a Toronto gal who works on the trading floor in the bond market and knew traders who perished in the September 11 tragedy). By the end of our adventure, the 'girls' were physically tired but refreshed mentally from the magic of the land.
Cheryl, Canyon Calling Tours, USA

I cancelled my trip...
Thank you for your most recent newsletter. Always interesting to read. I had planned a trip to Morocco however cancelled it this week.
Elecia, an American Journeywoman

I am not afraid at all...
Am I afraid? Returned Friday from Easter Island and Santiago. Will depart this Thursday for a week on the Escargot cruising Burgundy, France's canals and another week with friends in Wiesbaden and Frankfurt.
Dorothy, an American Journeywoman

I'm a little afraid...
I don't want to be too far away from home so I'm choosing to travel in the USA. I'm not flying right now. I've returned to train travel. Good to read your nice comments about Amtrak.
Zelda, a Journeywoman in Chicago, USA

Travel is safer now than ever...
It would be safer to travel now as security tightens world-wide, or at least in most countries. Some friends of mine left last week to visit the Mediteranean and Middle-East. It should be interesting to hear how they manage. Will keep you posted if anything of interest develops.
Lise, a Journeywoman in Toronto, Canada
We can be examples to other women...
We need a vital community of women travellers more than ever. We can lead the way for the rest of the world as we move on from our grief. I don't believe "fearful" is a word that describes your JW subscribers. Best wishes.
Pamela, a Journeywoman in Philadelphia, USA

Women's words on surveys and opinions...

No woman ever looks at the world with pristine eyes. She sees it edited by a definite set of customs and institutions and ways of thinking.
(Ruth Benedict, Patterns of Culture, 1934)

What I believe in is a process rather than a finality. Finalities are for gods and not for the human intellect.
(Emma Goldman,What I Believe, The New York World, 1908)

Nothing that God ever made is the same thing to more than one person.
(Zora N. Hurton, Dust Tracks on a Road, 1942)

There are no atheists on turbulent airplanes.
(Erica Jong, Fear of Flying, 1973)

Let us inspire you...

Journeywoman checked our archives for the women-centered travel stories you've liked best over the years. We've organized the top five and offer the links below. Read, relax, enjoy. And, please send this list on to your travellin' pals. The more of us who hit the road again, the merrier.





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