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Ontario Backroads


Let's Have a Cyber Packing Party


No rules in Holland...
The Dutch are much the same as the Americans. Guys won't stare at you any more than they would at a Dutch girl. We don't have a dress code whatsoever. You wear what you like. Period.
Bloem, Huizen, The Netherlands

Using the loo in Tunisia...
During my Peace Corps days, I found a skirt to be really comfortable in the heat of summer in North Africa. It was more culturally acceptable, more sun protective than shorts and cooler than pants. It also made using squat toilets a little easier and was definitely more modest when no bathroom facilities were available.
Carol, USA
Tunisia, a different opinion...
I've been to Tunisia twice now and found that I could travel around without any problems wearing baggy trousers and long sleeved tunics or oversize shirts in linen. I found trousers more comfortable than skirts - no chafed thighs in all that humidity. I also packed a light shawl. Wrapping the shawl loosely around your head and shoulders will be appreciated if you wish to enter the mosque precincts (dressed this way I was invited to enter the prayer hall of the Great Mosque in Kairouan). Also, I found that if I seemed to be attracting comments or attention from men, putting the shawl on made me invisible! And if all else fails, shouting 'Shouma!' (Shame on you!) will result in elderly women dressed in black materialising out of nowhere. In my experience, as long as you are dressed modestly, then Arabic women have a strong sense of sisterhood and they'll soon shame the culprit into more respectful behaviour.
Sue, Carnoustie, Scotland
Visiting churches in Russia...
If you plan to visit the extraordinary Russian Orthodox cathedrals, be prepared with a simple scarf to wear as a head covering. Though you may not be asked to leave if you don't wear one, it is respectful to conform to this tradition. And it is worth this simple inconvenience to experience the history and pride of this religion.
Kara, Seattle, USA
Modesty in Morocco...
Travelling to Morocco? I suggest long sleeves and no minis or shorts unless you are going to a beach resort. A certain amount of modesty shown here can help you relate to the wonderful people in Morocco. No one expects or wants you to take the veil, but they don't understand why you would want to be half naked, either.
Judith, Canada
Sarongs in Vietnam...
My advice is to pack a long, wrapping skirt, like a sarong for travel in Vietnam. This piece of clothing will serve many purposes. You'll look nice wearing it, it's comfortable when the weather is hot, you can use it as a towel or as a cover for sleeping. In short, it is very handy, and very respectable. Bonus-- it's small, easy to take with you, and when you wash it, it dries in a very short time. Enjoy your journey.
Evy, Oslo, Sweden

Stay comfortable while travelling...
My advice is to pack the most comfortable piece of clothing that you have. You'll find that comfort becomes uppermost when travelling and quite often you will pick that comfy piece over the other "must have" pieces that you thought you needed.
Sheila, Fort McMurray, Canada

Bandanas make sense...
Take bandanas wherever you go. They're cheap, colorful, lightweight, small, easy to clean, and have a thousand uses. They can dress up an outfit, be used as a hand towel, cover your hair (head), bind up a sprained ankle, be used as gifts. Don't leave home without a few and buy unusual ones to add to your wardrobe along the way.
Lynn, Scottsdale, USA
Ed. note: To read the Journeywoman article, Forty Ways to Use a Bandana, click here.
Pack a padlock...
No matter which clothes you pack, I suggest that you take along a padlock if you plan to travel by train through Europe. Lock your pack to anything you can find. This will deter any thieves who are looking for a quick chance to take your things. Your bag will become too much of a hassle and they'll leave your things alone.
Katia, Burnaby, Canada
Thieves read Journeywoman, too...
The best tactic I have found to feel safe is to travel in disguise. Like disguising myself as a poor backpacker with tatty clothes, I also disguise my expensive camera in an insulated lunch bag (not a suspicious camera bag advertising Canon). I disguise my small camera, not in a pouch but in a small contact lens travel bag, my (cheap but silver) jewelry is kept in a plastic film container, my traveller's cheques inside the scruffy pages of my diary, etc.etc. This doesn't always help -- but it does give the impression that you have no valuables on you. (It's just a shame that the same people who are doing the stealing are probably reading all this on your site, too! )
Yolanda, Oostkapelle, Netherlands
Ed. note: Thieves, reading Journeywoman? Hopefully, they're female thieves who are learning lots of other juicy things by coming to our website.

Find a packing mentor...

Need clothing advice for a certain destination? It's incredibly easy! Simply log on to
What Should I Wear Where?
and find out what other JourneyWomen pack when they travel. Or, log on to and connect via e-mail with a woman who lives in the destination you are travelling to. She will be your clothing advisor who will let you in on what the locals are wearing.

If you don't hear back from her right away, try the service once again. Your first mentor might be travelling at the same time you are trying to contact her.

Travel-friendly female fashion...

JourneyWoman welcomes the following companies to our network of classified advertisers. Each ad represents a female-friendly product that we expect travelling women will enjoy learning about. Be it silk long johns or "fun" fanny packs, these items make terrific bon voyage gifts for you or someone you love. Worth checking out!

POCKETS IN OUR CLOTHING keep your valuables safe. SAF-T-POCKETS Travelwear Patterns focus on a safe way to dress but with comfort and style. Each garment has multiple secure hidden pockets for carrying life's essentials. Sized from XS-3XL. Don't sew? We invite you to visit our site to find a dressmaker in your area plus take a look at our roller totes and travel accessories. Phone: 503-761-6460 Website: Email:

SILK LONGJOHNS the most important 4.2 ounces of clothing you'll ever pack. That's because silk provides a combination of comfort, freedom and warmth like no other fabric. And when it comes to silk undergarments, nobody does it better than SilkJohns. Our affordable line of tops and bottoms are available in black or white in both men's and women's sizes. Check out our new fashion conscious scoop neck tops in fabulous Pointelle fabric. Buy four or more items in total and we'll waive the shipping charges to U.S. and Canada. Visit SilkJohns online at website:
or call us toll free: 1-800-346-8446.

TROPICAL RESORT WEARABLE ART Need something gorgeous to pack into the tiniest space in your suitcase for that visit to Paradise? As well as your versatile travel clothes you might need something stunning to wear to dinner or cocktails, a sheer flowing coat, shirt, sarong or overblouse in handpainted silk chiffon. Your perfect colours and styles can be found at






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