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Flight Attendants' Top Travel Tips
washrooms, restaurants, skin care....


Another good reason for a carry-on bag...

airplaneI always carry a “carry-on.” When it comes time to leave my hotel, I can pack and lock my suitcase ready for collection before I take my pre-departure shower. Then when I’m done I place my bathroom gear in the carry-on bag. This means that if I am not quite ready when the bags are collected, I’m not rushing about to throw the toiletries into the suitcase and lock it while the bell boy watches and waits.
Ruth, Qantas Airlines, Australia

Wet towels and full bathtubs...

airplaneI’d like to tell Journey women how I deal with dry hotel rooms. I wet a bath towel thoroughly then hang it on a hanger on the back of a chair. I place two-thirds of the towel in a waste basket so that it catches all the water and it stays wet all night. I place the chair close to the bed (but not so close that I trip on it if I get up during the night). Voila! You have an instant humidifier. Another trick is to fill the bathtub with water before going to bed. But...the towel trick is the best!
Carmen, Canadian Airlines, Canada

My favorite Zurich restaurant...

airplaneI’d like to recommend Restaurant Zurihegel (Weinbergstrasse 75) in Zurich. This is a small out of the way “mom and pop” establishment with excellent food and service (Pop does the cooking, Mom is a wonderful hostess). There’s schnitzel plus chicken and shrimp curries on the menu, the salads are fresh (and you can make a meal on them alone). My favorite is the tomato salad with Italian dressing. Prices are very reasonable. This spot attracts mostly locals from the neighbourhood (not very many tourists know about this place). Enjoy! Tel: 01-362-3900
Lois, Delta Airlines, USA (Chicago based)

Her wonderful wedding present from Brussels...

airplaneWhenever I need a truly unique wedding present, I look for it in the lace shops in Brussels. These shops keep me coming back for their cake platters which are rimmed in silver or gold plate and have a lace insert in the center. To the best of my knowledge, these platters cannot be found anywhere else in the world.
Sue, Delta Airlines, USA (on assignment with Sabena Airlines)

She’s a bread lover...

airplaneThe best bread in the world can be found in Turkey -- at Borsa Restaurant in the Istanbul Convention and Exhibition Center. This bread is so unusual. It is long, soft and very flat. It’s served warm with or without butter. Fabulous! Every time I fly to Istanbul, I go to Borsa just for the bread.
Ruth, Delta Airlines (New York based)

She shops for toiletries in Paris...

airplaneTThe department stores in Paris are my favorite places to shop for inexpensive toiletries and cosmetics. I stock up on blush by Bourjois, nail polish by Edouard Pinaud, and my special treat...Marius Fabre Violette hand soap.
Sharon Wingler, Delta Airlines, USA (Chicago based)

A tip from a “guy” pilot...

One of your recent tips referred to wearing slippers for comfort while flying. This is an excellent idea, however it should be emphatically noted that slippers must NEVER be worn during takeoff and landing. Nor should high heeled shoes ever be worn during that segment of a flight. Low, laced shoes should always be worn. Should the need to evacuate the aircraft occur, you might have to move very quickly. Possibly you might have to run through burning material. Thus the need for low, tightly laced shoes.
Fred Pack, retired Northwest Airlines Captain

Ed. note: Fred, point well taken. Thanks so much for taking the time to offer your valuable expertise. It is much appreciated!

For the best times to use the washroom on an airplane, click here





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