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Women Report on 150 Great Eats Worldwide



MK from New Jersey, USA...
My favorite Italian restaurant in New York is Piadina, a rustic little place on 57 W. 10th street between Fifth and Sixth Avenue. In addition to the lovely decor, they specialize in a delicious appetizer called the pia dina, which is sort of an Italian take on a quesadilla. The other appetizers (polenta with gorgonzola sauce, tomatoes with buffalo mozzerella and a lot more). Scrumptious entrees include their gnocchi, swordfish steak with peppercorn sauce, salmon in a lemon butter sauce and rigatoni melanzana, and the desserts are to DIE for: the chocolate mousse has actual bits of chocolate in it, the nocciola (hazelnut) affogato with chocolate sauce is divine and the crema carmelatta is the creamiest. Your better off going either earlier (6-ish) or later (9-ish). Around 8 o'clock or so, the joint is packed. But the service is great and the food is the best - the only drawback is that it's cash only. Tel: 212-460-8017



Monika from Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
Genuine New Mexican dishes differ from what is usually labeled 'Mexican', 'Tex-Mex', or, more generically, 'southwestern' food. Good New Mexican food is, therefore, not available in the various franchises that can be found almost everywhere, but in small, local establishments. One of my favorite Albuquerque, New Mexican restaurants is actually located in a drugstore - a former soda fountain that has become a little restaurant. It serves excellent enchiladas, burritos, tacos, wonderful green and red chile and other local specialties. The name of the drugstore is Durans and it is located on 1815 Central, NW. There is no sign outside that there is a restaurant inside. Good Luck! 


Stefanie from Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
I will say that for Italian food, my favorite restaurant, hands-down, is the tasty and classy Trattoria Trombino Italian Grill & Bar, 5415 Academy Road NE, (505) 821-5974. All entrees are served with freshly baked bread to dip into seasoned olive oil, and they offer a nice wine selection as well (by the bottle or glass; entrees priced approximately $12-26). Romantic Tuscan decor, solid customer service, and perfect for date nights & intimate gatherings.

I also highly recommend locally-owned Mexican restaurant Taco Sal, 9621 Menaul Blvd NE, (505) 298-2210. It is a very casual diner displaying eclectic wall art and offering fast tableside service with a smile. The green chile chicken enchiladas are remarkably well done and give your spanish rice and frijoles something to hang on to. The light & fluffy sopapillas are included with your meal to satisfy your sweet taste buds. Excellent customer service & very reasonably priced (entrees $5-8).

Donna from Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
I must recommend Casa de Fiesta Mexican Grill in Albuquerque to the other women in our JW Network. We stopped in here midday while exploring Old Town mainly because we could smell the food. Fresh, delicious, plentiful, with a waitstaff that move at the speed of light. We were so satisfied we came back another day to have dinner and they had a Mariachi band going from table to table. A wonderful experience. Their address is: 2004 S Plaza St NW


Albuquerque, New Mexico from Donna from Baltimore, USA
I must recommend Casa de Fiesta Mexican Grill in Albuquerque to the other women in our JW Network. We stopped in here midday while exploring Old Town mainly because we could smell the food. Fresh, delicious, plentiful, with a wait staff that move at the speed of light. We were so satisfied we came back another day to have dinner and they had a Mariachi band going from table to table. A wonderful experience. Their address is: 2004 S Plaza St NW



Jo from NYC, New York, USA...
I live a block from Ground Zero and I see so many tourists outside my doors these days that I thought I would share my favorite Thai restaurant located in New York City's Chinatown. It is officially the restaurant I have visited the most times in my 15 years in NYC and I go alone all the time. It is called Thailand Restaurant and sometimes Pongsri Thai at 106 Bayard Street (cross street Baxter). The green curry is to die for and everything is fresh and perfectly seasoned. Chinatown can be overwhelming and this restaurant never disappoints. Cheap with low rent decor, it is authentic NYC and delish! I've recommended it to all my friends.


Rena from Park Slope, Brooklyn, New York, USA...
Visiting New York City? Come see my Park Slope neighbourhood in Brooklyn. From Manhattan, take the "Q" train (on the IND line), getting off at Seventh Avenue in Brooklyn. When you come up from the station, walk down the street (it's a stretch of Flatbush Avenue that immediately merges with Park Place and Seventh Avenue), and turn left on Seventh Avenue. This is the main shopping street of Park Slope. Walk along this street for a while. There are a lot of nice shops and many restaurants (good places for a snack include two of my favorites -- Cousin John's bakery and Ozzie's coffee bar). For a meal, possibilities on Seventh Ave. include the Lemongrass Grill (Thai), Santa Fe Grill (Mexican), Olive Vine (Middle Eastern), Fujisan (Japanese), and numerous Chinese and Italian places. Fairly far down on Seventh Avenue is a particularly fine Continental restaurant, called Max and Moritz.

Carmen from New York City, USA
Jubilee is a neighborhood restaurant located on the 1st floor of a brownstone at 347 E. 54th between 1st and 2nd Avenues. It offers delicious French bistro fare, including mussels (the house specialty), steak frites (the French fries are by far the best I have ever tasted), fresh fish dishes, pate, tuna tartare, salads, etc. Many locals frequent Jubilee every week and are always warmly greeted by the staff. I have eaten here at least 4 dozen times (both with others and by myself) and have never had a poor experience or meal. Reservations are strongly encouraged since this welcoming spot fills up each night. Casual dress (including jeans) is acceptable. Live jazz is a bonus on Thursday evenings. Tel: 212-888-3569  


Carol from New York City, USA...
T'aint true that all New York restaurants require a loan from the World Bank or sacrificing next month's rent! Here are two joints (no kidding) with marvelous food and very reasonable prices: Fish is located at 280 Bleeker Street, between 6th and 7th Avenues in Greenwich Village. The specialty is obvious...and superb. Saigon Grill at 1700 Second Avenue, 88th Street. The best Vietnamese food I've had yet, and almost criminally cheap!

And, while dinner at the world-famous Palm is still expensive, their special $19.95 lunch is one of the best bargains (and best-kept secrets) in New York. You get a choice of tossed or Caesar salad, a variety of main courses, including their great steaks, and imaginative daily specials as well as a choice of either cheesecake or chocolate cake for dessert. 837 Second Avenue, between 44th and 45th, or Palm personal preference...right across the street. Same menu, same decor, same kitchen, just a tad roomier.

Ellen in New York City, USA...
I'd like other JourneyWomen to know about Wild Lily Tea Room. It's located at 511 West 22nd Street, between 10th and 11th Avenues, in the heart of the new art gallery district in NYC. The telephone number is: 212-598-9097.

Wild Lily Tea Room is a very small Japanese tea room with lovely fish pond up front. There aren't many seats here, but that's an advantage. The tea room is lovely and Zen-like. The food is a mix of Asian and English tea room offerings. The set tea, served all day, is around US$20 -- not bad for NYC. One can order a pot of tea and other tidbits for less, although I enjoyed the set tea with its sandwiches, wonderful house-baked scones and yummy desserts, including a piece of dense, rich fudge cake. It's a real find and from the looks of their guest book, guests from all over the world have already enjoyed it. P.S. They also make and sell tea sets and cups that are displayed on the wall. I believe they sometimes have art exhibits there as well.

Nedra in New York City, USA...
If you're looking for Indian food in NYC, I just found a super spot in SoHo that I'd like to share with you and other Journeywoman readers. Lahore is a little 'hole in the wall' eatery where the cab drivers and policemen stop in for great food at ridiculously cheap prices (really nice guys behind the counter preparing the food, too). Lahore is located on Crosby, just below Houston on the west side of the street. Enjoy their $1 yummy samosas, chai tea and $5 plates of food. Really good. Really reasonable!


Marya from California, USA...
Le Pain Quotidien (French for “daily bread”) is a countrified bakery-cafe in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. This sole U.S. standard-bearer (with 26 sister restaurants in Belgium and other countries worldwide ) features a large well-used communal table. Our 26' long common table is the largest," said Proprietor Bob Scarborough. Throughout the day, its length is packed with all flavors of humanity, from people going to work, to mothers out for a stroll with children -- it's fortified with all combinations, including solos, couples and groups. (Currently, 80% of the solo guests are female.) The chemistry at this big table is unpredictable. "One couple met here, and now they're dating," said Scarborough. P.S. Tables for two are available for those who require a more private space. Address: 1131 Madison St., New York, NY 10028, Tel: (212) 327-4900 Website:


Evelyn from New York...
If you're in New York, be sure to visit Les Trois Crêpes Patisserie, a little country French pastry shop that serves up a dessert cart full of sweets, home-baked breads and croissants, sandwiches, and, of course, crêpes. Frédérique, the French lady that started Les Trois Crêpes is as charming as the boutique she created.You may also shop there for a choice selection of French bric-a-brac, home and bath accroutements, and a variety of other gift ideas. Be sure to check their calendar for special events as well. 501 East 75th Street, New York City (Source:



Whitney from Greensboro, North Carolina...
My favorite restaurant here in Greensboro, NC USA is The Loop Pizza Grill. They use the best Kalamata Olives and Cold-Pressed Olive Oil, you'd swear you were in Italy! Their website is: They also have a ton of vegetarian options (which is why I go there) including portabello mushroom sandwiches and a veggie burger.



Anni from Yellow Springs, Ohio...
Never heard of Yellow Springs? It's 30 minutes from Dayton. The Winds Cafe and Bakery is a fabulous, women-owned and run restaurant (for the last 20 years) in my neck of the woods. Cooking is European style with an American twist. Lots of local organics featured in the summer, Bistro Night on Wednesdays. They have an excellent menu: See: P.S. Be sure to get a "Take me to the Winds!" tee- shirt and visit the friendly wine cellar housed next door. If you don't have time for a small or large plate, stop in the bakery for the best molasses cookie ever. My own doesn't even come close. Address: 215 Xenia Ave, tel: 937.767.1144.

Carol from El Paso, Texas
The L&J Cafe is a small, hole-in-the-wall restaurant located across the street from the Concordia Cemetary, where western famous and infamous persons like J. Wesley Hardin (reputed to have killed more people than Billy the Kid) are buried. The cafe itself is so popular with locals that I recommend going well outside normal dining hours - no later than 11 am or after 2 pm for lunch. Happy hour starts at 4 and is best known, foodwise, for its mini-tacos and similar fare offered for $1. It's almost all Mexican (and I don't mean Tex-Mex) on the menu and everything I've tried has been very good. Prices are low to moderate. Address: 3622 E Missouri Ave. Tel: (915) 566-8418. Mucho gusto.
Carol, El Paso, USA


Bless from Salt Lake City, Utah...
In Salt Lake City, Utah, it's Cucina Toscana that the locals flock to. Honestly, it is as good as the restaurants in Rome. The owner/manager is from Italy and uses his family's secret recipes. He is very friendly and will come chat with you at your table, and probably bring out some "free" appetizers. The Caesar salad is prepared table-side and the pasta, fish, gelato are all wonderful. The long tables give it an atmosphere of bistro in Italy. Full bar and great wine list, too! A little pricey and dieters beware! Address: 307 Pierpont Ave, tel: (801) 328-3463


Maude from Washington, DC, USA...
Best restaurant in DC is Thiatanic. Yes, it's a cheesy name but, believe me... it has the best Thai menu in DC -- very veggie friendly, trendy but comfortable atmosphere, and in a great location (Logan Circle/Dupont neighborhood). Located on 14th Street. at 14th and P Street. NW.

Ruth Lor Malloy in Seattle, USA...
My Thai friends took us to the Bai Tong Thai Restaurant in Seattle. This restaurant was originally started for Thai pilots flying into and out of Sea-Tac International Airport, and has grown to be a wider favorite without losing its authentic flavors. The spices were perfect, both for me and our Thai hostesses who consider it their favorite restaurant there. The salmon steamed in a banana leaf for $9.95 melted in one's mouth. The Phad Thai only cost $7.95 but that day we chose the Bai Tong Special Noodles for the same price and they were fantastic. We had six dishes and they were all reasonably priced and wonderful. Too bad our stay in Seattle was so short; we would have gone back to Bai Tong again. Address: 16876 Southcenter Parkway, Tukwila, WA 98188 (next to Toys R Us). Tel. 206-575-3366. Website:





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