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She Recommends Her Guides Round the World


Renee, an underwater guide in Bonaire...

While on Bonaire, the diving and snorkeling jewel of the Dutch Caribbean, be sure to book one tour (or ten - they're cheap) with Renee Leach of Renee's Snorkel Trips. Every trip during my month's stay was an incredible underwater discovery. A trained biologist, Renee could spot marine life undetected by my landlubber eyes. From colonies of baby butterballs and spotted eagle rays to herds of squid and beautiful fairy-fish, Renee knows how to identify every one them and where and how to find them. I began with Renee as my guide, and parted as her friend. Find her at, but book ahead, she fills up fast.
P.S. Tell her Janet sent you.
Janet, Peace River, Canada

Wayan, a guide in Bali...

There are guides on every corner in Bali, but few speak English well, and many are paid a kick-back to bring you to certain shops and restaurants (including the most over-run tourist traps). This is where Wayan Sueta sets himself apart. Wayan makes a point of showing his guests the most beautiful and least-touched areas of his home country. He has a vast knowledge of Bali’s history and culture, and enthusiastically shares it all in perfect English. Wayan can take you on a guided hike through Bali’s famed terraced rice fields, on a trip around the island—or further afield to neighboring islands. As a solo female traveler, I always felt safe and comfortable traveling with Wayan. By the end of my trip, I’d made a new friend — and was honored to be invited to share dinner in his home with his wife and children. Wayan can be reached at For more information you can visit his website at:
Connie, Colorado, USA

Lois, a guide in Ketchican, Alaska...

Journeywoman did a lot of internet research before her Alaskan cruise. One day our search engine turned up a female guide in Ketchican. Her name -- Lois Munch. I emailed her immediately requesting advice on packing. What I didn't know was that Lois is already a member of the Journeywoman Network. Imagine my delight to receive this email in response: "Hi Evelyn! I am such a Journeywoman groupie! I love your website! I've travelled a fair bit and have had lotsa adventures and am so happy that Journeywoman is there to encourage and help women taste adventure. All your newsletters are still on my computer! What ship are you on? ... I'll definitely help you! Thanks so much for contacting me, and I look forward to meeting you and sharing Ketchikan. I live in the greatest place! You'll see! Take care, Lois"

Unfortunately my schedule did not allow me to meet Lois personally but further research shows that her tours are mentioned in an an awful lot of guidebooks. So, if other women get to Ketchican and need an enthusiastic guide, you can find Lois Munch at her funky Classic Tours website: P.S. Tell her JW sent you!
Evelyn, Toronto, Canada

Joyce, a guide in New York City...

I'd like other women to know about Joyce Gold History Tours of New York. Joyce is a marvel. She makes the city come to life with a blend of history, architecture, literary & music history, politics, and gossip through the ages. Whenever I've taken one of her tours, something wonderful happens to the group. We get invited into a church, we meet a city official, people from the neighborhood extend themselves to us. Joyce is so respectful and joyful about what she does, everyone gets in the swing of it. I'm a New Yorker for the past 35 years and Joyce keeps helping me love the city more. You'll find her web site at; her address is Joyce Gold History Tours of New York, 141 W 17th St., New York, NY 10011.
Leslie, New York City, New York

Virender, a guide in India...

Travel to India can be intimidating to plan and organize, and Virender Prakash is a fair and gentle guide who can help you navigate the subcomtinent in order to realize the trip of your dreams. He recently accompanied two friends of mine on a special anniversary trip-- sixteen days staying in high-end hotels with a private driver and car-- for less than half of the price quoted by their US-based travel agent. Virender also guides small and large groups on summer treks through the Indian Himalayas to Buddhist monasteries in holy places such as Ladakh, Zanskar, and Manali. For the trek, Virender will organize a team of cooks and porters, sometimes with ponies, to carry the tents, food, and cooking gear. You can expect to carry a day pack with drinking water, some snacks and your lunch. Winter trips can begin in Delhi, with travel across Rajasthan to fabulous cities such as Jaipur and Jaiselmeer, with a stop in Agra to see the Taj Mahal. Virender is honest and trustworthy. You can reach him at (and be patient, if he is off on a trek it may take some time for him to respond as there are places in the world that are still not wired!)
Thalia, Portland, USA

Pradeep Singh, a guide in India...

I have spent 5 months in India. Travelling solo to this incredible country can be very intimidating. This is why I started out with a guide and chauffeur and I highly recommend him to any other women travelling there. His name is Pradeep Singh and you can reach him at:; his mobile is 91 981 891 9669. Pradeep Singh has extensive knowledge of his country. He can organize itineraries in the Himalayas - in the most remote of villages, for summer treks through the Indian Himalayas and to Buddhist monasteries in holy places. Winter trips can begin in Delhi, with travel across Rajasthan to fabulous cities there. This nice man can organize a desert safari in Rajasthan and will even cook for you. His 200 year old Mutton recipe is to die for! I found Pradeep Singh to be honest, trustworthy and funny. He did everything that was needed to make my trip enjoyable.
Julie, Montreal, Canada

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