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She Recommends Her Guides Round the World


Toronto, Canada Greeter Service...

TAP into TO! is a greeter program that is offered free of charge to city of Toronto visitors. Visitors can either go online at or call 416-33-TAP-TO (338-2786) to register. Based on information received (your home address, Toronto address, preferred date, interests, etc) TAP into TO! matches the tourist with one of their greeters who will show you the neighbourhoods you selected. These greeters are local enthusiastic individuals that love Toronto and want you to love it, too. They'll meet with visitors in a public place and lead them on a two to four hour tour in the area the greeter either lives in or knows very well. The TAP into TO! program also shows visitors how to use Toronto's public transit system by providing round trip TTC fare for use on the tour. This program currently offers visits to 46 Toronto neighbourhoods in 13 different languages.
Evelyn, Toronto, Canada

Cicerones, Greeter Service in Buenos Aires...

My husband and I just returned from a fabulous two weeks in gorgeous Argentina, a country of marvellous contrasts from north to south. In Buenos Aires we decided to see the highlights of the city through a Cicerone (volunteer greeter). We were fortunate in having their president, Joaquin Brenman who can be reached at lead us. Joaquin also met us at our hotel and then accompanied us through an architectural and heritage tour of the Buenos Aires central sights. As there is no charge for a Cicerone, a donation is expected.
Charna, Montreal, Quebec

EDITOR'S NOTE: At their website Cicerones states as their mandate, 'We are a non-profit organization whose goal is to improve the image of Buenos Aires allowing its better knowledge to national and foreign visitors. We offer the opportunity to volunteers, those familiar with the city, to give a warm demonstration of the most typical and pleasant places of Buenos Aires which make all "poteños" (Citizen of Buenos Aires) proud'.

Melbourne, Australia Greeter Service...

Here is our latest press release about The Melbourne Greeter Service. We thought your readers would enjoy hearing about us. Discover from a local what locals love about Melbourne. This Greeter service is a free half day orientation of the city for visitors and tourists. It offers an insight to our city from a local’s perspective. You get the opportunity to explore Melbourne City by tram or on foot (withour getting lost). We operate daily except Good Friday and Christmas Day. Reservations are essential and booking must be made at least two days in advance
Erica, Melbourne, Australia

Adelaide Greeter Service...

I'd like to inform your readers about our website called Adelaide Greeters. Whilst I am not a 'woman' traveller, I do coordinate a FREE service that is provided to visitors to our city of Adelaide in Australia. We arrange appointments for visitors with a volunteer who is matched, generally on the basis of common interests. This means that we would always match a single female visitor with a female volunteer. Please check our website at: If you would like to know more about this program you can contact me at
Mike, Program Coordinator, Adelaide Greeters

Chicago Greeter Service...

Chicago Greeter offers individuals or groups up to six people a personalized view of Chicago and its neighborhoods. The free service, which matches visitors with a knowledgeable resident "Greeter" is an excellent way to see the city and explore its diverse neighborhoods from the perspective of a local. Seven-business days advance notice is preferred. Chicago Greeter is a service of the Chicago Office of Tourism, a division of the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs. For further information, visit:
Sana, Toronto, Canada  

Big Apple Greeter, a guide service in New York...

People coming to New York (families, women, whoever) who want a personalized look at a particular part of the city -- free of charge -- should contact Big Apple Greeter, a volunteer organization that provides visitors with volunteer "greeters" for up to 4 hours. These people are residents or otherwise knowledgeable about particular neighborhoods, and they take the visitors around those areas. It's not a guided tour exactly, but an informal attempt to humanize NY and get people to know areas other than the main tourist ones (although you can do a visit to midtown Manhattan if you want to). The visitor can express a particular interest, and it will be accommodated, if possible, such as food or architecture or history. It's a great way to see Harlem, for example, or some of the ethnic areas of Queens, or my favorite neighborhood, Park Slope in Brooklyn, or Manhattan's financial district, etc. Big Apple Greeter can provide foreign language volunteers, too. Their phone number is 212-669-8159 and the website is
Rena, Park Slope, Brooklyn

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