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She Recommends Her Guides Round the World


Gloria, a taxi driver in Mexico City...

Please be aware that flagging green cabs on the streets of Mexico City is very, very risky. That's why I strongly recommend that women visiting Mexico City hire Gloria Rodriguez, a competent female cabbie for the Super Sitio radio cab service. My friends and I hired Gloria on several occasions and each time her service was not only reliable but pleasant and we arrived at our destination safely. To reach this driver, simply contact: Super Sitio 160, A.C. Radio Taxis las 24 hrs. at any of these numbers: 5271 - 9146, 9058 or 8972, then request Gloria, Placas (License) 396 LNK, Unidad (Car) M-7. P.S. Gloria speaks only Spanish so if necessary have someone at your hotel write down your destination or anything else you need for her to know. Stay protected, everybody!
Lisa, USA

A taxi service in Buenos Aires, Argentina...

During the day, buses and the subway (called the 'subte' by locals) are perfectly safe. However, don't ever walk alone at night, especially in areas such as La Boca and Retiro that have dicey reputations. Never take taxis off the street; always call a Radio-taxi (Tel: 4922-9999) or even better, take a remise car where a driver will take you to your destination for a fixed rate. My personal favorite is Remises Hola S.A. 4786-5333. E-mail:
Andrea, Montreal, Canada

Sergio, a taxi driver in Milan, Italy...

Months ago, when nine Canadian women were in the planning stages for a visit to Northern Italy, we opted to hire a mini-bus for the 1 1/2 hour drive from Malpensa International Airport to our rental villa in the tiny village of Casal Cermelli. We were lucky enough to find Panicucci's Taxi Service on the Internet and the company responded to our inquiries promptly and reasonably. Arriving at Malpensa we were met by part-owner, Sergio who offered an abundance of information about where to go and what to see. We also asked Sergio to provide transportation back to Malpensa Airport at 6 a.m. the day of our departure. He was outside the villa's gated courtyard at 5.30 a.m., having risen at 4 a.m. to drive one hour to be there. Moreover, as a bonus, he provided coffee and croissants for our journey. A wonderful man who became a friend, Sergio can be located at Panicucci Taxi Service,, e-mail: We highly recommend him to other JourneyWomen. P.S. Sergio also offers cell phone rentals, something we couldn't find anywhere on the web before going to Italy.
Beth and Diana, Ottawa, Canada

Carlos, a taxi driver in Barbados...

I'd like to tell other women about Carlos Taxi Service in Barbados. I have used his service for two years running and it is excellent. Carlos is friendly, efficient, and always on time. Best of all, he likes a good chat. His number is 246 234 4091. He's available 24 hours for weddings, functions, shopping, the airport, and island tours. My daughters and I met him last June when our hotel called him to take us to the Botanical Gardens. He also took me to the airport for my journey back home. When you're out touring Carlos is happy to wait until your tour/outing is over for the return journey. This can be any length of time, he doesn't mind how long or short your visit is, and there is no need to decide in advance how long you wish to be. As with all taxis in Barbados, the price is agreed in advance, there are no meters. I hope this information helps other travelling women.
Clare, London, England

Theris, a guide in Roaton, Honduras...

We went on a cruise last November and found the best guide in Honduras. Her name is Theris Dixon. She's extremely knowledgable and took us all over the Island of Roatan, Honduras. Theris charged us $US80 for an all day excursion. She took us to a place to snorkle that was free versus a resort that would have cost much, much more and she was happy to do it. We laid out on the beach and snorkled for three hours while she made herself comfortable with other drivers at a table under the palm trees. If we ever make it back there we will defintely look her up again. Theris can be contacted at:
Laurie, Wichita, USA

Victor, a driver in Tennerife, Canary Islands, Spain...

There is a taxi driver, Victor Rodriguez, that I have used nine or ten times over the course of four visits to Tenerife. Victor speaks some English which has improved with each of my visits. He has taken me to the far corners of the island, is knowledgeable about non-tourist restaurants as well as places of interest to tourists. Once he understands what you want to order he will handle that for you. He is trustworthy, has a good sense of humor and is a safe driver. This driver lives in the town of Medano and his family and extended relatives live on the island. When making the initial contact use Spanish whether talking or writing. Victor's cell phone is: 34 64 7580 393. His e-mail is Please feel comfortable to use my name in contacting him.
Susan, Cocoa, USA


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