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She Creates Travel Gift Packages for the Holidays


Evelyn Hannon

This holiday season why not experiment with travel themes when creating gifts for the women nearest and dearest to you? If you choose your titles carefully, a terrific book teamed with other girl-friendly goodies seems to work beautifully. Here are just a few of my suggestions based on the latest travel guides and products I've learned about in 2003. Perhaps they'll stimulate you to create your own mix 'n match travel gift packs as well.

For great-granny...

For your favorite older armchair traveller I recommend a talking book - and what better title than Under the Tuscan Sun? Team your selection with a framed photo of you "on site" hiking the marvelous rolling hills of Tuscany; then add long-distance vouchers so that great-granny can chat with all her relatives no matter where in the world they live. We'll bet that this gift combo gets you top marks from your family's matriarch.

For grandma...

Grannies may like to bake cookies but they also love to travel. Looking for an appropriate 50+ travel adventure book for grandma? You can't go wrong with the title, Unbelievably Good Deals & Great Adventures: That You Absolutely Can't Get Unless You're over Fifty by Joan Rattner Heilman. It's absolutely tops in its class. Then add to that a small suitcase on wheels in the latest shade of shocking pink, or gift wrap a state-of-the-art Tempur travel pillow to make granny's globe-trotting as easy and enjoyable as possible. A fabulous blend of items!

For mom...

In this category we have two book ideas -- Journeywoman heartily recommends The Rough Guide to The Internet. Without a trace of tech talk, this little gem will teach mamma everything from shopping online for the best travel deals to creating her very own web page to researching her next holiday at Add to that the hot culinary title, From Curries to Kebobs: recipes from the indian spice trail by cookery expert, Madhur Jaffrey. This book sizzles not only because of the 100 plus curry recipes the author has included but also for it's absolutely gorgeous layout and armchair travel content. Combine this cookbook with a creatively wrapped gift certificate from the gourmet grocers and you're off to a perfect start. Now mom will be able to buy the ingredients needed for some great new recipes and will probably invite you to sample all her new, delicious fare. It's a perfect win-win situation.

For your aunt...

This is a three-step gift with an Italian travel theme -- Start with a woman's tale that combines both love and a juicy travel adventure. Journeywoman heartily recommends, A Thousand Days in Venice: An Unexpected Romance by Marlena de Blasi. It's a light, fun read, one that is sure to make the recipient smile. Now gift-wrap a lovely bottle of Italian wine to add to auntie's reading enjoyment. Complete your offering with a Quick Take Off in Italian Language Course that promises essential Italian in under three hours. Produced by Oxford Press this language kit contains a coursebook and 2 x75-minute CDs. Come the spring, Auntie will probably be on her way to Italy, she'll be chatting in Italian, and you'll definitely be her favourite niece.

More gift ideas...




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