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I Packed My Backpack...
and in it I put...


Backpacks - a female invention?

We're so smart!..the backpack is probably the most practical piece of luggage ever invented by man. Or more likely woman, who probably devised the first one to lug babies around in. Consider the advantages of a backpack:

  • It leaves your hands free so you can fumble around for your tickets and passport more easily.
  • It usually has neat little pockets that are ideal for hiding dirty socks.
  • It can often pass the carry-on-luggage test at airports.
  • And you don't have to put it down on wet dirty floors whenever (and however) nature calls
(Source: Paul Waters, Travel Editor, Montreal Gazette, May 1998)

Pack your condoms...

Beside their primary function, condoms can come in very handy when you're travelling. Infantrymen (and women) as well as seasoned jungle travellers use them to carry suprisingly large volumes of water among other things. They are also good waterproof covers or containers. They can be used as temporary fan-belts in cars, washing machines and vacuum cleaners. Condoms can be filled with ice and placed on swollen painful joints to decrease inflammation and discomfort.
(Source: Bugs, Bites & Bowels, Dr. Jane Wilson Howarth)


Older adventuress packs nothing...

express packageAn eighty-eight-year-old woman who rides the buses regularly mails her clothes to the friend she's visiting. That's right - mails her clothes. Isn't that marvellous? She has no luggage to wrestle with or keep track of or wait for when it doesn't show up. Only a small purse goes with her.
(Source: The Girls With The Grandmother Faces, Author, Frances Weaver)


Is carrying a backpack safe?...

Doesn't it unnecessarily advertise your presence and indicate your vulnerability to every passing thief? The answer is, surely, no more than a suitcase. The main difference between them is that whereas backpacks are associated with budget travellers who are going to be walking to their hotel, suitcase are associated with those who can well afford a taxi. Unless you can take the taxi as well as the suitcase, carrying the latter will not make you any less inviting a target. In fact if anything it probably increases your chances of being robbed. It is easier to snatch a suitcase from your hand than to run off with a backpack attached to your back.
Source: Handbook for Women Travellers, Maggie and Gemma Moss


Watch Your Daypack...

Whether in the airport or in a restaurant, I never leave my pack pack out of my sight. If it's on the floor under my chair, I put my foot through one of the straps. The least tug on it and I know immediately. If it's beside me, I pile my coat, etc. on top so you can't get at it easily. I keep my valuables in a zippered compartment in the back inside section of the pack -- the part closest to my back. I pack thicker things -- a small towel, my sweatshirt, etc. at the front of the backback -- the part facing out and most vulnerable. If a thief tries to slit my pack with a sharp utensil -- he can't grab and run, unless he covets my very well-worn sweatshirt.
Source: Evelyn Hannon, Editor





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