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Menopausal Tours


Are Women Preparing to Travel Again?


A survey edited by Evelyn Hannon

Here at the Journeywoman office we've been receiving a continuous stream of e-mails from members around the world offering their thoughts on whether they will travel at this point in time. Here is a sampling of some of the international news, views, and mini personal stories that have found their way into our 'in box'. As usual, we welcome everybody's thoughts on this subject. The more you tell us, the more we know and can feed back to the JW Network at large. E-mail:

I flew to Italy...
Just wanted to say that I left for Italy on Sept. 23 from Vancouver, B.C. It took a little courage to board the plane with the idea that anything could happen during the month we planned to be away. I'm pleased to say we had a fabulous trip. No problems and it renewed my faith in travel.
Anne Howorth, a Canadian Journeywoman

Tie an orange ribbon...
I am especially appreciative of your last JW newsletter. Wonderful suggestions, and when I was at Michael's (a chain of crafts stores) today to buy Halloween/Thanksgiving decorations, I bought a roll of orange ribbon to tie onto my travel bags. I hope to see lots of these ribbons on my trip to Indianapolis for Thanksgiving, New Zealand at Christmas, and a cruise to Mexico next week-end.
Fran, a Journeywoman living in California, USA

Ed. note: Thanks, Fran. We're hoping that JourneyWomen everywhere will tie an orange ribbon to their backpacks. Displaying that coloured ribbon means that you're ready to help any another female traveller as you move around the world. In this way we can all be a great support system to each other. My own JW bags are already done!

I live in Israel...
I have been living in Jerusalem, Israel for the past thirty years and am therefore used to the security measures necessary before flying and also every time I enter a public place. It's amazing how soon one not only gets used to these but, in fact, welcomes them. In fact, last time I was in New York City, I received an amazed look from the ticket taker at Lincoln Center when I automatically opened my purse as I showed him my ticket!
Naomi, an Israeli Journeywoman
Let's keep a positive attitude...
My travel agent called the other day and sighed, "Well, do you want to cancel your booking...?" And I replied, "H-ll, no----I want to go more than ever." I hope we all have that attitude, because the more the terrorists have engendered fear and lifestyle alterations, the more they have accomplished.
Kay, a Journeywoman from Phoenix, Arizona, USA
I was in New Zealand...
I was in New Zealand on 9/11 and although I couldn't have been with more sympathetic people and felt safer, many thoughts crossed my mind about what might transpire....If long term, did I have enough cash, meds, etc. As it turned out all was well and we returned without a hitch, other than going through increased security. Your ideas are certainly important for us all, men and women alike. I intend to continue to travel, but enjoyed your comments to make it safer. Thanks!
Mary, an American Journeywoman
I listened to a meditation tape...
I was a bit apprehensive when I boarded an airplane for the first time after the September 11th tragedy. To take my mind off the terrible images I'd seen over and over on TV, I treated myself to a copy of the talking book, 'The Four Agreements'. As soon as I took my seat, I put my earphones on and listened to the soothing words of Don Miguel Ruiz. Worked perfectly! Soon I was engrossed in the teachings of ancient Toltec wisdom and, once again, flying without any anxiety at all.
Evelyn, a Journeywoman in Toronto, Canada
I flew from Britain to Boston...
I e-mailed you a couple of weeks ago from Britain, to express sympathy with all in the US after the WTC disasters and to say that we were still planning to travel to Boston, despite the fact that so many people all over the world had cancelled their plans. I was thrilled to get a reply from you - makes Journeywoman seem so much more personal. Now my 15 year old daughter and I have just returned from Boston and we had such a great time. We are so pleased we did not cancel! We felt safe. Well done Boston, we will be back!
Sue Dennis, a Journeywoman in Britain

I went to a spa to de-stress after 9/11...
I travelled to a spa in Utah only a few days after the September 11th tragedy. Both I and the other women I met there all agreed it was the perfect antidote to the stress and strain that everyone was experiencing. I believe that travelling to a wondrous place is a great way to reconnect with yourself and with others, even in times of crisis, and I refuse to let terrorism stop me from enjoying my life.
Les, a Journeywoman living in Toronto

Ed. note: Anybody else wanting to take this de-stressing route can check our Journeywoman Spa Directory listing facilities around the world.

I'm going to India...
I am going to Southern India on November the 29th flying Heathrow to Kuwait then onto Madras. With the state of the world at the moment I am going on my trip with a sense of nervousness but am determined not to miss a year of saving and planning for my two month trip.... I love your website and its a comfort to know that we are all still travelling. Cheers.
Caroline, a Journeywoman in Scotland
I was in Poland...
Evelyn, thanks for the last JW issue and your sensitive remarks. I happened to be in Poland when the tragedy occurred; it was great to see the support of the people for the USA. For over 10 days, people would come and stand in front of the embassy, put down flowers and light candles. The sidewalk in front of the embassy was a sea of lights... The flight home a couple of weeks afterwards was very quiet and solemn - no loud conversation, laughter; everyone seemed lost in their thoughts... Thanks, again - will have an orange ribbon on my backpack.
Barbara, an American Journeywoman soon to reside in New Zealand
Try armchair travel for now...
Fellow Journeywoman travelers, until you once again feel safe to venture far, go to the local library or book store and find books by women travelers. In your arm chair, enjoy the beauty and adventures of the world. I have too many on my book shelves to list but oh the enjoyment I have found in each.
Carol, a Journeywoman in Oceanside, California, USA
Air travel is the safest form of travel...
There is no way in the world any terrorists are going to stop me from doing what I intend on doing with my life. Air travel is mile-by-mile the safest form of travel and I intend on carrying on with my life to the fullest. God Bless America.
A British/ Australian Journeywoman

Japanese women get anti-terrorism bras...

Here's a female-friendly news item we know will make you all smile:

A new design for women's bras to assist with tighter airport security is to be introduced by a Japanese company. These "Frequent Flyers" bras will dispense with the usual metal attachments which trigger airport security alarms.

According to a Japanese news agency the firm, Triumph International, will start selling the Frequent Flyers Bras in December. They will have non-metallic wires and non-magnetic hooks. The new design will be available in white, orange and blue. Together with matching panties the bra will cost around US$15.

The company says these bras will help speed up the "immigration and boarding procedures".

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