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Ten Ways to Enjoy a Fun-filled Staycation
Evelyn Hannon

I see a Staycation as indulging in three easy R's. It's a holiday from routine; it's relaxation and recreation enjoyed without leaving your own city. It's the perfect replacement for that costly vacation you can't afford at the moment. It's the right choice when your schedule doesn't allow for a longer time away.

A good Staycation requires creativity and a certain amount of pre-planning. Think about what you normally like to do on holiday and then try to recreate that activity very close to home. Here are my ten Journeywoman tips that can serve as a checklist of ideas for you to expand on.

To begin, you don't have to sleep in your own bed every night. What about that new boutique hotel that you've been meaning to check out? This is the perfect time to spend an overnight being pampered in elegant surroundings and of course, enjoying breakfast in bed the next morning.

We use Twitter and Facebook when we are looking for recommended restaurants in London or Paris. Why can't we also use social media to find out about our own city -- the hot new spots to try or where the best food trucks are parked.

Pack a picnic one day but it can't be just an ordinary one enjoyed in your favorite green space. Instead, head to an upscale food market, pick up some goodies that are extra special, add a nice bottle of wine and head home to your own balcony or veranda. That, and a good book will keep you busy in a lovely way all afternoon.

We all enjoy meandering, checking out the nooks and crannies of neighborhoods while on holiday. You can recreate that sense of wonder simply by getting on the subway and getting off at a stop you've never tried before. Explore, take photos, chat with locals, buy yourself a small souvenir. Voila, this is what Staycations are all about.

Take a cooking class where you learn to make a cuisine different from your own. I suggest the kind of school where you prepare the meal and then eat it at leisure along with your classmates.

If doing dishes bugs you then deviate from that routine. Buy pretty paper plates and spoil yourself for a few days.

Check out the city's food bank. Volunteer for a day. It will make your heart sing.

A Staycation is the perfect time to partake in a lovely afternoon tea. See what your budget will allow. Opt either for a fancy-schmancy treat in an upscale hotel or a more modest, charming, little tearoom.

Browse and shop in museum shops, not for yourself but for others you love. A Staycation is the perfect time to stock up on lots of small pretty things to fill your gift cupboard.

film reelFinally, on a Staycation you have the open schedule and leeway to treat yourself to two movies in one afternoon. Finish one screening and head into the next. Relax, eat popcorn. You've got all the time in the world!

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