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Post War -- She's Inspired to Travel Again


Evelyn Hannon

It's Spring of 2003 and while travelling women may be journeying within their own countries they generally haven't been venturing too far from home. And who can blame them as terrorism, war and health issues affect all of us no matter where in the world we live?

As I write this article, the heavy fighting in Iraq is almost over and I pray it stays that way. The World Health Organization seems to be making gains in containing the SARS epidemic and happily our website stats show that quite a few JourneyWomen are once again beginning to research travel plans for the upcoming seasons.

At the same time, other female travellers are not sure they want to hit the road just yet and no one can fault them for that. We believe that each of us in our own way knows when the time is right for a new adventure.

To keep all of our Journeywomans' dreams alive here's a few great travel-related ideas that you don't need to leave home to enjoy. Give them a try. Before you know it you'll be back in travel mode, eager to pack your bags and be on your way.

Learn the art of scrapbooking...

Everybody is doing it! Re-live your last journey by creating a memory scrapbook. This is a wonderful gift to give yourself or your travel partner. The idea is to mix and match photos as well as other holiday memorabilia in one brimming album. I recently flew to Xi'An with my daughter and my post-travel gift to her was a scrapbook of our adventures in China. It includes fun placemats from the Chinese Pizza Hut, receipts from museums, inflight snack wrappers, Chinese coins and bills and some extra photos I snapped of her when she wasn't looking. Needless to say, my daughter loved it!
P.S. To learn more about the hot new concept of travel scrapbooking, JW recommends visiting: We bet it will inspire you!

Search the net and dream...

Research the places you've always dreamed of visiting. Now is the perfect time to browse the web, request brochures, read travel books and screen as many videos as you can about your dream destination. For example, if a visit to Italy is your next goal, check out Journeyman's GirlTalk Italy Guide for 100's of wonderful women-centered travel tips. Make sure to read the article, "Her Bests Books & Films about Tuscany" and request the sample newsletters at and Viva Italia!

Organize a potluck dinner...

cooking potIf you're yearning for the tastes and aromas of faraway places, why not invite your girlfriends to a potluck international buffet? Set the mood by offering to provide the wines and desserts representing your favorite country. Then ask each guest to bring along their contributions -- (1) a hot or cold dish for the international buffet (2) five fun photos taken on a recent trip (3) a travel guide or novel for an after-dinner book swap (4) excerpts from travel diaries to be read aloud over dinner (this is when you find out you're not the only one that occasionally feels lonely when travelling solo). These evenings are great fun -- a fabulous way to network, reconnect with your pals, and keep your spirits in travel mode!
P.S. Journeywoman offers readers an excellent, easy recipe for Swedish Meatballs; simply follow this link.
P.P.S. The recipe's secret ingredients? Grated potato and grape jelly. Your guests will love them!






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