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Journeywoman's Top 10 Travel Reads


Evelyn Hannon

Ten year ago I was not aware of any "how to" travel books written especially for women. However, as the army of women travellers continues to grow, so do the number of books on "women and travel" increase. Hurrah! We've come a long way, Journey Women!

The following is a listing of titles (not in any specific order) that I feel are especially women-friendly, helpful and entertaining.

Hurrah for Marybeth Bond, author of Gutsy Women: Travel Tips and Wisdom for the Road . She's put together a splendid little read brimming with both her own intelligent advice plus the many tips she's received from other gutsy travellin' women. Topics covered include Romance and Unwelcome Advances, The Older Adventurer and Mother-Daughter Travel. This book makes one heck-of-a great Bon Voyage gift for yourself or any other female setting off on a journey. Travellers Tales ISBN 1 885211155

For the independent traveller, A Journey of One's Own offers gal-friendly advice par excellence. Stories, tips, and a huge number of resources -- the read is like having a visit with a pal who has your best interests at heart. When the last edition of this book came out, JW gave it rave reviews. As far as we were concerned, it couldn't have been better. We were wrong! Author Thalia Zepatos, has come out with a second updated and expanded edition that is even more wonderful than the first. Buy it! Eighth Mountain Press, ISBN 0-933377-36-3.

With dealmaking trips to the Far East becoming more and more routine for some female execs, it was with great pleasure that JW discovered Asia For Women on Business. Covering Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and South Korea, this guide is a fine portrayal of male-female interaction in the Asian business world. Readers learn everything from establishing their credibility to dealing with sexual harassment to best strategies for Karaoke Bars. This book is a must for your office library! Stone Bridge Press, Berkeley, CA. ISBN 1-880656-17-5.

The Worldwide Guide to Cheap Airfares is not specifically for women but one of those books that pays for itself as soon as you start to use it. Author Michael McColl knows his stuff! He helps the reader unravel the differences between courier flights, charters and consolidators. Consult the listings of the world's 100 best discounters and, check out the mini guide to budget travel in "hub" cities of the world. You'll quickly catch on and probably save a bundle! Bonus: JW also learned where to get great bagels in N.Y. and how to find a traditional Thai massage in Bangkok--both at budget prices. Insiders Publications ISBN 0-9633512-3-0

Roaming Round Holland is one of the best gal-friendly guides to come out about the Netherlands. Written by two American expats, this book was originally conceived as a resource manual for temporary residents settling into the country. Today, the female authors have expanded their guide to serve holiday guests as well. Material covers everything from bed and breakfasts to women's organizations to where to shop for kiddies clothes. There's concise directions on how to drive to areas of interest.There's listing of markets, special events, holidays and, a wonderfully complete section on "Dutch taste treats." This book is part of our permanent JW travel collection. ISBN 90-801255-1-2 Contact: 3319 Dent Place, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20007

For any female with a special interest in Japan, living abroad, or teaching English as a second language, this one's for you. Tokyo, My Everest: A Canadian Woman in Japan is the memoir of journalist Gabrielle Bauer's twelve months spent in the city of her dreams. With quick wit, Gabrielle recounts the highs and lows of her teaching experiences. We struggle with her as she yearns for acceptance within Japanese society and she happily takes us along on her search for a Japanese lover. An excellent cultural journey! Houndslow Press, ISBN 0-88882-181-6

Wow! WomanSource Catalog & Review is probably one of the best female-friendly resources out there. This 500-page soft cover is filled to the brim with reviews on nearly 2000 books, mags, catalogues, products, videos and software in every conceivable area of a woman's life. Check out their Travel, Adventure and Recreation section as well as the Transportation, Sports and Fitness categories. Guaranteed you'll come up with enough fresh travellin' ideas to keep you going for a while. Celestial Arts (800) 841-BOOK or fax: (813) 249-0105. ISBN 0-89087-768-8

Travel Alone & Love It--A Flight Attendant's Guide to Solo Travel is Sharon Wingler's first book and it's really great! Jam-packed with excellent go-alone travel tips, it informs, it instructs and, best of all, it inspires the single traveller to get out there and enjoy the countless pleasures of the solo experience! Makes a wonderful bon voyage gift for any woman, 18 to 80, who's decided to hit the road on her own. Chicago Spectrum Press (1-800-594-5190), ISBN 1-886094-35-7

Fabulous Foreign Fare

The Women Travellers Accommodation Directory calls itself the essential guide for women travelling in Australia and New Zealand. Compiled by Kaye Johnson and Andrea Lofthouse, this no-frills publication offers over 120 female friendly listing in each of three categories (1) women only, (2) lesbians only and (3) general - everyone. Intriguing property descriptions include working farms, bed and breakfasts, log cabins and cottages by the sea. The authors invite their readers to get off the beaten track and visit the real Australia - New Zealand. Cost: $15 Australian dollars (includes postage). To order: Send Visa or Mastercard Number plus your name, address, signature and expiry date of credit card to Moonraker Productions, PO Box 186, Berry NSW, 2535 Australia.

Visiting the French capital? You'll find the TimeOut Guide to Eating & Drinking in Paris a fabulous resource. With the help of over 500 listings, this publication will transform you into a real French foodie. There's bars, brasseries and bistros to tempt and tease your tastebuds. And, if "eating-in" is more your style, don't despair! This guide is tops for markets, delis, take-away pizza and any other thing your little heart desires. You've got to have one! Available in London and Paris at under $10.00.

Happy Reading and Safe Journeys!





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