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More Cheap and Cheerful Eats Around the World...

Chicago, USA...
My first choice of a restaurant to tell other Journeywoman readers about is Pleasant House Bakery, 964 West 31st Street in Chicago. Their specialty is pies -- meat pies of all kinds -- dessert pies, too. The last time I visited, I had Steak and Ale Pie, a very tasty treat. It's a BYOB (bring your own bottle), but it's next door to a liquor store that carries over 400 kinds of beer. The owners and staff are friendly, warm folks who don't mind passing the time if they're not too busy. The prices are reasonable. Two people can have a hearty dinner for under $30.00.
Betty, Chicago, USA

Chicago, USA...
My favorite budget eats on the northside of Chicago is Pizza Art Cafe. They are a BYOB with fabulous and creative stone oven pizzas in an intimate venue very accessible from the Rockwell Brown Line stop. They get busy on weekends, so it is worth it to make a reservation. In the summer they have fun outside seating as well. If you want something yummy outside of the loop, you will love this neighborhood restaurant! (By the way, there is a liquor store 2 blocks north of the restaurant if you need something for the BYOB). Website:
Rebecca, Chicago, USA

La Grange (Chicago), USA...
The place I want to tell everybody about is called, Palmer Place Restaurant & Biergarten located at 56 S. La Grange Road, La Grange, Illinois (just outside Chicago city limits). Let's just start with the fact that they have over 200 beers to choose from (30+ just on tap!) and the best assortment of incredible grilled burgers you can find... oh, and the price is right! The atmosphere inside is really cozy, although the place is pretty big. Outdoors they have an expansive bier garden that is really hopping in nice weather - with a portion of it 'tented' with heaters in the cold months. I never miss the opportunity to have a beer and something to eat at Palmer Place when I'm visiting the area. Website:
Jennifer, Sylva, USA

Cambridge, USA...
I want to tell everybody visiting Cambridge, Massachusetts about Veggie Galaxy. Attracting people of all kinds (but mostly poor college students in search of cheap grub), Veggie Galaxy is the only restaurant that can tempt the most masculine male into falling in love with a mushroom chickpea patty burger, have young women eat heartily without worrying about the calories as all of the food is vegan and gluten-free, and lastly, Veggie Galaxy might be the only venue where the pastry chef invents desserts of her own, everyday. Located in Cambridge, MA, I have been to Veggie Galaxy for all types of meals and was extremely satisfied by the cheap price, healthy ingredients in the food, delicious meals, short wait, and friendliness of the waiters. My favorite on the menu is baked mac (which is enveloped with cheddar sauce and creamy ricotta) with roasted eggplant and a side of sweet potato mush that is not only warm, but heavenly. Of course, for desert, everyone should try the pastry chef's Boston cream pie, which has a exquisite thick yummy center. Seriously, you will want to try everything on the menu.
Claire, Waltham, USA

Los Angeles, USA...
With it's nearly 4 million residents, Los Angeles, "The City of Angels", offers a diversity of eateries to satiate any palate. Located on Hillhurst Ave. in the shadow of the famed Griffith Observatory sits the teeny tiny Yuca Hut. Truly a hut that shares a parking lot with a liquor store, it's maybe the smallest fast food eatery to win a James Beard award. Family owned and operated, (the matriarch of the family sits on a stool and takes your order) their claim to fame is their carne asada, carnitas, cochinita pibil (Yucatan-style roast pork ) tacos and burritos. On Saturdays lines form for their banana leaf wrapped tamales. Hours are minimal and so are their prices. If you want a truly LA experience, the Yuca Hut awaits. 2056 N. Hillhurst Ave, Los Feliz neighborhood, Los Angeles, CA 90027. CASH ONLY. Closed Sundays.
Claudia, Los Angeles, USA

New York City, USA...
An East Village NYC favorite of mine is The Smith Restaurant serving up an assortment of American standards with a flare and offering generous portions. Brunch and supper are usually packed with NYU students and East Village locals, but a late lunch is a perfect way to relax after shopping or museum visiting. While the prices are not a bargain, the quality is quite good and there's a comfortable atmosphere. Brunch is wonderful (try to get there early to beat the crowd) and there's a Sunday night burger and beer special for $15. See the website for menus. Located at: 55 3rd Avenue, between 10th & 11th St. P.S. Don't mistake it for the Nevada Smith Sportsbar across the street.
Madi, New York City, USA

New York City, USA...
In NYC I suggest Xi'an Famous Foods. It is a newfound discovery for me (but not for my friends, who were appalled that I hadn't eaten here prior!). This hole-in-the-wall restaurant serves spicy, lamb-filled dishes at unbeatable prices. From the burgers served on thin buns to the spicy, cumin-doused lamb over thick rice noodles, everything I've eaten here has been delicious. Address: 81 St. Marks Place, New York, NY. Do it, ladies!
Jodi, Bangkok, Thailand

Gainsville, USA...
My favorite budget restaurant ever is in Gainesville, Florida. It's not quite a restaurant, as one more of the city's famous Krishna Lunches - the local Krishna devotees serve delicious daily meals from roughly 11-1pm to anyone who's willing to pay the full $3 for a meal, desert and lemonade. Everybody sits on the grass of the University of Florida's Plaza of the Americas to soak up some sun, read under the shade, socialize with friends or take a much needed midday nap. It's the best! For more information, see:
Louise, Boca Raton, USA.

Santa Fe, USA...
Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA has so many fine restaurants, as well as the usual zillions of fast-food and chain restaurants, and it's sometimes hard to pick out a good cheap and cheerful one from the crowd. For an authentic New Mexican taste at a reasonable price, I like Los Amigos -- 3904 Rodeo Road, 505-438-0600. It's a down-home family place, popular with the locals, and the food is good and plentiful (word of warning: the chile is hot, so ask for it on the side if you're not used to intensely spicy food).
Paula, Santa Fe, USA


Bonus! Save money in this Paris cafe...

I'm an American living in Paris for three months. I learned about Cafe Convival (in the 18th arrondissment) from my girlfriend who lives here permanently and knows about the little out of the way places that are moderately priced.
Cafe Convival is open for lunch on week days only. It's run by Katrine and her daughter and their specialty is quiche and salad (5.50 euro). In a word, yum! I had 2 pieces of quiche (1 would have been enough) with greens, a creamy desert of sour cream and chocolate bits, plus an espresso. Everything is home-made. It was out of this world. All for 9 Euro.
The quiche is the real deal. No fillers. The deserts are beautifully displayed and you help yourself. The coffee is made as you order it. The menu is quite extensive. Now, if you're in a hurry, forget it. There are only the two women, they do everything, and the place is crowded. If you need an extra napkin, get it yourself. I absolutely love, love, loved the experience, and almost hate to tell anyone about it. There are plants outside the door, it has a wonderful 'down home' atmosphere, and I walked out with a smile. Guess where I'm going for lunch tomorrow? Address: 82 Joseph de Maistre.
M. Terry Terrell, Boston, USA

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