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Cheap and Cheerful Eats Around the World...

Evelyn Hannon

We all have our special little restaurants at home and around the world that we love. These are not big splurge fine dining elegant places. These are the moderately priced restaurants we have stumbled upon; often small joints that are comfy, fun to experience and easy on our wallets. We asked our Journeywoman readers around the world to share their 'happy places' with us. Here are some of the best for you to enjoy.

P.S. We would love to hear about your 'happy eating place.' We'll need 3-4 lines and some form of contact information (the restaurant's address or website). Email to:, put 'Cheap and Cheerful Restaurant' in the subject line. Sign with your first name and the city you live in. Thanks, everybody!

Edinburgh, Scotland...
After a little hike up Arthur's Seat, the cheeky name for the volcanic hill in the heart of Edinburgh, I like to hike down the other side and go to a little tucked away spot called The Sheep Heid Inn. The Sheep Heid is the oldest surviving pub in Edinburgh (and Scotland for that matter), established in 1360 and frequented by writers and apparently even Mary Queen of Scots herself! You can indulge in a game of Skittles (it's like bowling), pet the random shaggy dogs lying about by the fireplace, and of course partake in some traditional haggis or cullen skink (a sort of seafood chowder). This is an ideal spot at the end of a long day of wandering, and unlike many of the "traditional" pubs along the busy touristy Royal Mile which try to lure you in with their authentic Scottish meals, here you will get delicious and traditional hearty pub food in a quiet cozy setting. Website:
Brigit, Berlin, Germany

Dublin, Ireland...
I am a seventeen year-old, relatively new reader and I live in Dublin! Here is my restaurant suggestion. Cornucopia is a vegetarian restaurant on 20 Wicklow Street, just of Grafton Street. It's right in the middle of the shopping action and a great place to grab an organic, conscientious lunch.
Meadhbh, Dublin, Ireland

Belfast, Ireland...
I was tired and hungry on my way to the train station on my last day in Belfast, Ireland. I was intent on finding a local Irish pub for lunch when I spotted boojum. I must have been a little homesick, because when I read the tiny description under the boojum name, "Mexican burrito bar," I didn't even hesitate. Mexican in Ireland? However, this grub was even better than my favorite cheap burrito spot back in the States, Chipotle Grill. I'm not ashamed--I'd make the same choice again--especially after reading the reviews! Website:
Glenna, Phoenix, USA

London, England...
We took our young children to see 'Wicked' at the Apollo Theatre in London and were delighted to find the Italian restaurant ASK right around the corner. Our own adult pizzas were excellent but we were more than impressed with the menu that was offered to the kids. Starters were vegetable crudities and dip, main dishes offered choices of pasta or pizza and then the kiddies finished with Babyccinos. You guessed it; a Babyccino is made with warm milk, frothed up cappuccino style and dusted with chocolate. A fun treat for the kids and the price for their healthy meals rang in at $5.95 each. Address: 160/162 Victoria Street. P.S. The Victoria Underground was right across the road for an easy trip back to our hotel.
Erica, Toronto, Canada

Krakow, Poland...
I have eaten at thousands of places all over the world however I just love the tiny Bar Smak at ul. Karmelicka 10 in Krakow, Poland. The servings are generous and cheap but oh so incredibly tasty. I was in Krakow for a week and ate there every single day. I really liked that solo women did not feel at all out of place as most of the diners appeared to be locals and singles and just getting about their daily business. Click here for a photo.
Agnes, Perth, Western Australia

Paris, France...
I'd like to tell you about Pizza la Gourmandise on 28 rue Augereau in Paris. This tiny pizzeria owned by two Tunisian brothers is close to the Eiffel Tower and welcomes the world as warmly as it does the locals. The specialty: pizza with crispy hand tossed crust and yummy choice of toppings as well as several couscous dishes, none priced to make you wince. Unpretentious food served and prepared by unpretentious people, Pizza la Gournandise will not disappoint travelers who want a place not in the guidebooks and to which they are sure to return.
Kay, Edmonton, Alberta

Paris, France...
My daughter and I found an inexpensive, popular restaurant called Café Med, in Paris, France. It's located at 77 Rue St. Louis-en-Llle, in the 4th, near Notre Dame Cathedral. It has about 12 tables, and each time we go there, it's the same lady serving everyone. For 13 euros or 19 euros, you can get a three course meal consisting of salad, main course and then dessert. The food is excellent and the ambiance is restive and interesting after a day of touring. Alas, the price does not include wine, but you can order it separately. If you eat earlier and miss the busier times of the evening the wait to get inside is not too long. We are going to Paris again this September and I can hardly wait to eat at this café again!
Suzanne, Kelowna, Canada

Amsterdam, Holland...
My favorite restaurant in Amsterdam is de Bolhoed (bowler hat) on the Prinsengracht, the last of the necklace of canals in the center city. It was a 'kraakpand' (empty building taken over by squatters) that was taken over by a group of Sikhs originally and now, years later, serves delicious, organic vegetarian food (vegan as well). Here you find a cross-section of Amsterdammers and tourists, old and young. Address: Prinsengracht 60 Tel: 020.626.1803.
Lonni, Underhill, USA

Brussels, Belgium...
My Favorite Restaurant is definitively the Hirondelle d'Or in Brussels. A Vietnamese restaurant situated at 34 Rue du Baillie in the posh Louise district in Brussels. At lunchtime the plat du jour costs a mere 5,50 euros. Many of the dishes are around 8,00 euros anyway. Rue du Baillie is packed with little places to eat, bars and shops. And it comes with a bonus: around the corner at the Place du Chatelain is a produce market every Wednesday which starts at 2pm. In summer it lasts until around 7.30pm. Around 6pm the yuppies arrive to visit the bars so some stallholders have specialized in selling glasses of wine, dumplings and prawns. The vibe in this area is great.
Louise, Brussels, Belgium

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