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Women From the United Kingdom Share their Tips


Evelyn Hannon

When I travel I always enjoy chatting with the locals and getting their woman-friendly recommendations on food, drink, shops and things to do. How lucky we are to have the Journeywoman Network that allows us to exchange local advice via the internet. Here are ten insiders tips submitted by women who live in the United Kingdom. I loved reading them. I hope you will, too. Have fun, everybody!

P.S. If you are a female who loves to travel and you have a tip about things of interest in the UK, just send an email to: Please put the words 'UK Tip' in the subject line. Thank you!

A woman-friendly pub in Cambridge...

I live in Cambridge and there is a wonderful, non-threatening, pub called The Cambridge Blue that is very welcoming to women on their own. In fact, staff are encouraged to speak to customers who are there alone. Cambridge Blue is in Gwydir Street, near the railway station. It's a very traditional English pub with a variety of beers and wines as well as a wide variety of non-alcoholic drinks. The food it serves is excellent pub fare. There's a non-smoking policy and there's also a 50p fine (for charity) if your mobile phone goes off. The landlady, Debbie, is from Maine, USA which might have something to do with the great atmosphere here. During the winter Cambridge Blue has lovely fires in the two bars, and for those wonderful long English summer evenings there is a great big garden at the back. C'mon and join us. Website:
Andy, Cambridge, England

Public transport in London...

Driving in London is very challenging to say the least, and the easiest way to get around is by public transport. Payment by Oyster card is by far the cheapest way to pay for single journeys on Tubes, buses, DLR and trams in London (bus journeys are half the price using a card than with cash). Get a card on arrival and ‘top-up’ as you need to. You can pick one up at most Tube stations, and Oyster Ticket stops (in newsagents). Key points to note are: when you first get your Oyster card, you will need to pay a refundable £3 deposit if you are only adding cash to pay as you go. Oyster will always automatically calculate the cheapest fare for the journeys you make in a single day. Oyster single fares are always cheaper than cash. Any other info you might need you can get from the Transport for London. Website:
Marie, London, England

A spa in Bath...

Splash out on a morning of pure indulgence with a session in Thermae Bath Spa. The natural hot water springs have been enjoyed since the Roman times in the City of Bath in Somerset, in south-west UK. You can visit the crusty old Roman baths in the museum and just look. Or, for just £20 you get two hours to enjoy the roof top pool, the aromatherapy steam rooms and the whirlpools and massage jets in the Minerva pool of this brand new complex. The naturally heated water is just the right temperature and as enriched with minerals as it was when the Romans enjoyed them. If the brand new modern surrounds don’t suit try a session in the Cross Bath where the open air pool of healing warm waters is enclosed by the oval Georgian Grade One listed building -- move over Jane Austen. Contact 01225 331234 or to book. If you are going solo -- just turn up on the day from Monday to Friday. Changing rooms are mixed, but there are private little cubicles to change in, and don’t forget we’re British and not good at nudity, so it’s swimming costumes on. Website:
Liz, Bath, England

Open top buses in Edinburgh...

I would highly recommend when visiting Edinburgh, Scotland to take a tour on the open top tourist buses. Although an incredibly touristy thing to do someone recommended it to me when I first moved to the city. It was a great way to learn about Edinburgh's history as well as get to know the 'lay of the land' so to speak. Edinburgh is a relatively small city so once you get your bearings on the bus tour you can then start walking.

It's a hop on-hop off so if you see something you like you can jump off, have a look then back on the bus all included in the cost of your ticket. Go to Waverley bridge by the main train station (in the heart of the city centre) and buy a ticket from the booth. It costs approx $25 and is valid for 24 hours. It's a fascinating trip. Amongst other interesting pieces of Edinburgh history I learnt where the saying 'daylight robbery' comes from.
Helen, Edinburgh, Scotland

B&B suggestions for Oxford...

The best B & B in Oxford is, without a doubt, Orchard House; all the glowing reports are absolutely true and Paul's breakfasts are to die for. You can check details for yourselves on:

However, if you are a woman travelling on your own and are looking for a safe, central location to stay, I would definitely recommend Rewley House. Rewley House is run by Oxford University's School of Continuing Education and offers basic, but cheerful, comfortable and clean accommodation in the heart of Oxford in Wellington Square. You are not only within walking distance of all of Oxford's sights and shops, you are also on top of Oxford's trendy Jericho district where there is a great choice of restaurants. There is also a super deli just round the corner where you can buy yourself some gorgeous French cheeses and a piece of quiche to eat in your room if you don't feel like going out. Breakfast is also included in the price and there is a great choice, including cooked English breakfast (if you can face it in the morning!). The only downside is that you can't enjoy a lie-in (sleep in), as breakfast has to be taken before 9.00 am, however if you want to get out and see the sights, that's not a problem. Rewley House is a five-minute walk from the bus station in Gloucester Green, so no expensive taxis necessary either.

I'm a Londoner married to an Italian, living in Venice and with a daughter studying in Oxford, so if I find a last-minute low-cost flight, I'll pop over to Oxford on my own to see my daughter and do a bit of 'English' shopping (Marks and Spencers underwear, for example). I regularly stay at Rewley House and can assure all you Journeywomen that not only is it excellent value for money, you will definitely feel comfortable and at ease there.

Lastly, Rewley House has an agreement with Room rates are often even cheaper when booked through them. Or to contact them direct: Telephone: 01865 270362 (+44 1865 270362) Email:
Enjoy Oxford!
Suzanna, Venice, Italy






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