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Unforgettable Characters We've Met Travelling...

My sister in Tunisia...
My husband and I were on holiday in Tunisia when I began miscarrying. I was directed to a clinic and introduced to my doctor. She was young, no older than I. She spoke some English along with her French and we were able to communicate without too much effort. She explained to me that she would like to treat me in her private downtown office. She called her husband and, with him and her young daughter in the car, we were driven to the city. She examined me and then confirmed my fears - yes, I was, in fact, miscarrying. She recommended that I not fly back to England as planned. It was too dangerous! I burst into tears. "Don't worry," she kept saying. I am here. I am your sister. I will take care of you. And she did. I will never forget her.
Leslie, Toronto, Canada


Chocolate pie in Athens...
It was in in May 2011. His name was Manos and he was the landlord of the apartment our family rented in Athens. This kind man greeted us, gave us maps of the neighborhood and lists of where we might find the things we needed. He was so very welcoming in so many ways. One late night he showed up with the yummiest chocolate pie, and hung out with my son and son-in-law. Greece is going through very tough times. It's such a beautiful country with good people like Manos. Our prayers are with them.
Pamela, Kansas City, USA


Jake the Jew...
I was in Rome for the first time. I felt that one of the 'must do's', no matter which religion you practice, is to go to Piazza di San Pietro on a Sunday morning. That's when the Pope comes out on his balcony and blesses the masses. So there I was, when a street vendor selling religious objects approached me. 'No grazie,' (No thanks) I said; 'I'm Jewish.' 'Anch'io,'(Me, too) he replied; I'm Jake the Jew.' From that point on, and for many years after, Jake became my good buddy in Rome, steering me to historic sites of 'Jewish Rome' and even free matzah (unleavened bread) during Passover!
Sue, Niamey, Niger


He was right...
On one international flight, I met a man who predicted my life's career path. We had a flight, plus an overnight airport layover together. I vented about my difficulty planning my next venture in life, he told me he knew exactly what I should do. He prefaced his explanation by telling me that he had a sixth sense for people's life paths, so I should listen to him. I was ready to listen to just about anyone so he didn't need to preface with that. But what he told me turned out to be absolutely brilliant. Truly, I would never have come up with it myself but he was absolutely right. With my combination of life and travel experiences, my interests in life, my foreign language abilities, and probably other reasons, the PhD path he predicted was exactly what I needed to--and did--pursue! So, never underestimate the influence of the stranger sitting beside you overnight in an airport (I suppose).
Anna, Newbury, USA


She was utterly charming...
We (from England) were in Harry's Bar in Venice, and (by chance) we met up with two elderly but young at heart American couples. We were celebrating our 30th Wedding Anniversary and wanted a photo to remember the occasion. However, picture taking was frowned upon by the staff. One of the American ladies used her charm to persuade the suave white coated waiters to wave the rules for us and she took some wonderful shots which we still cherish today. She also drew into our group a very young British couple who were obviously very much in love. As they sipped a Bellini and gazed into each others eyes she took some wonderful shots of them as well. They were thrilled and ... the photographer turned out to be a film Director from California. She was so interesting and such a master at spinning a yarn that we spent a real 'happy hour' sipping Bellinis in her company. She was our memorable person at a memorable event on our very memorable day.
Gwen, Northern England


She is Rome to me...
Ada of Alfredo and Ada's restaurant in Rome (Via dei Banchi Nuovi 14) served and loved Romans and tourists alike. They opened their trattoria in 1946. Ada was everyone's Italian grandmother; she cooked and chose what guests would eat. We met her in 1994 when on a very hot afternoon (even though the restaurant was closed) she invited our family in and gave us water, bread, wine and cookies. Another time, in 2004, she and her son made room for our family of seven on a very crowded night in the restaurant. We returned to see Ada every trip until 2009, when she was in the hospital and later passed away. Ada is, and always will be, Rome to me.
Marilyn, Denver USA.


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