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She Absolutely Loves Bali


Teena Hughes is a silk artist and Macintosh computer evangelist who currently lives in Sydney, Australia, has travelled extensively and has lived in many countries. Her credo....."the world is my backyard." You can check out her fabulous website at:

Located eight to nine degrees south of the Equator in Indonesia, Bali is azure blue skies, turquoise ocean, rainbows of coral reefs, tropical fish, luscious green palm trees, lush gardens, impressive volcanoes and riots of colourful Balinese clothing. It's a must-see island guaranteed to please the adventuress in you.

Warm, kind people...

The Balinese people are the warmest, kindest people I have ever met on my travels. Even the traffic doesn't bother anyone as they drive slowly enough to let all other drivers into the flow. A gentle beep lets everyone know another car or bike is about to move over. For the spiritually inclined, this tropical paradise is a perfect place to visit to get in touch with nature, peace and tranquillity.

Taxi from the airport...

After landing at Denpassar airport, make sure to cash a couple hundred dollars into Indonesia Rupiahs (RP) so you'll be able to pay for your taxi or bus ride to your hotel. Just outside the airport entrance is the taxi booking office. Queue up and see the posted prices to specific areas, pay your money, take your receipt, and find your taxi driver. I stayed in Candidasa on the east coast and the two hour journey cost me 200,000RP (US$23-25)
Prepare yourself for the heat and humidity as soon as you step outside the airport. It's a great idea to carry a folding fan in your backpack -- with a bit of wrist action you can create a little coolness.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Please check Candidasa's cancellation policy before giving them your credit card. Make sure you know exactly what it means. It has been described by a Journeywoman reader as 'very vague.'

Hotels under $30.00...

The village of Candidasa is off the beaten track -- quiet, quaint, and peaceful. I stayed at the Dewa Bharata Hotel located right on the ocean. There was a pool to enjoy as well as handheld showers (hot & cold water) and ceiling fans (air conditioning is available but not necessary). The rooms here are rustic and clean, and the staff members were like a model family - always happy and helpful. Rates were approximately US$23-25 per night/twin share. Website:, Tel: 0363-41090.

Ubud is the mountain village populated by artists, with lots of inexpensive accommodation lining the main shopping street called Monkey Forest Road. Ubud Terraces and others close by cost approximately US$17-19 when I was there.

Pampering is so affordable...

In Candidasa you can have a massage by the pool on the edge of the ocean where local Balinese women charge $US3.50 - 5.75 for an hour of heaven. Or, for an experience not to be missed, visit the Dewi Salon for manicure, pedicure and massage by the owner Debbie. Just imagine being pampered silly -- Balinese music playing in the background and sounds of the fountain in the courtyard lulling you into a state of bliss.
P.S. A Balinese manicure includes an arm massage as well. Yum!

More on food, shopping and recommended drivers...




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