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Best Travel Tips From Around the World -- Fall 2002


Dr. Scholl's elasticized stockings...
As a registered nurse and a frequent flyer I feel that I have a responsibility to remind you that we are all prone to blood clots in our legs if we sit in an airplane for a long time. This is due partially to the fact that our legs are down and the blood flow to this area is slowed down because of inactivity. Please get up and do some walking every hour and definitely find out about the benefits of elasticized stockings to help with circulation problems that can crop up no matter how old you are.
Audrey, Bay City, Michigan
Ed. note: You're absolutely right, Audrey. This is a very important tip that we can't hear often enough. Just recently a travel journalist friend told me she bought a pair of these stockings to wear on her London - Toronto flight and they were extremely helpful. Now, here's another JW related flying tip to go with the elasticized stockings...

Walk a mile on the airplane...
To keep the blood in your legs circulating properly, you can do toe taps, knee lifts and you can walk. Every few hours take a stroll down the aisle of the airplane. A 747 is 400 feet from nose to tail and back. If you do 13 of these laps you will have walked a mile. How's that for a bit of trivia?

She's solo savvy...
Sharon Wingler, a member of our Journeywoman Network, a flight attendant and author of, "Travel Alone and Love It" has compiled a 24-page booklet called, "108 Resources for Solo Travelers." This booklet contains listings for 53 tour companies, clubs or spas; 15 cruise lines or organizations; and 12 volunteer vacation companies -- all are solo-traveller friendly. Listings include companies that appeal to all age groups and fitness levels. Also included are listings for 6 books, 8 magazines, 5 newsletters and 9 websites to help solo travelers. In addition, there are tips on planning independent solo travel. For the price of the booklet in U.S. Dollars and further info, visit
Evelyn Hannon, JW Editor

Two culturally correct clothing tips...
My husband is a Moroccan and I have travelled there once with him. This is what I learned about culturally correct clothing. It's true that Moroccan women do often wear Euro fashion. However, please understand that if you wear tight or short clothing there is a chance for harassment. When I went there I wore pants and knee high skirts and men did make remarks even though I was with my husband. From experience I can say, my best advice is to dress modestly. If you are still attracting attention you can buy an inexpensive djelleba while you are there. They are comfortable and nice.
Janah, San Diego, USA

When I went to Turkey (travelling largely along the Aegean Coast), I took the conservative approach in my packing. But I ended up buying tank tops in towns like Cesme and Bodrum because I didn't feel like I fit in dressed so conservatively. I seemed to draw more attention by covering up than I did by wearing tank tops. But I always carried a button-down to throw over my tanks, just in case.
Kyle, San Francisco, USA

Brazilian Food in New York City...
I have a tip for JourneyWomen who like to taste good food. Last time I went to NYC from Brazil I took my nine year-old son with me. As he missed the food he was used to, I had to look for a Brazilian restaurant. We heard about a restaurant called 'Rice and Beans' and decided to take a chance. What a surprise! It serves some of the best homemade Brazilian food I've ever eaten and I am a true Brazilian. By the way, the place was full every time I went there and there was always a long waiting list. The walls were full of cards and pictures of famous people that appreciate its food. I suggest you go there and try it yourself. The address is 744 9th Ave.(between 50th and 51st.)
Beatriz, Salvador-Bahia, Brazil
Ed. note: Check out their "hot" website at: Looks like great fun!
A super Swiss hotel near the airport...
The Hilton International Hotel near the Zurich Airport is a wonderful place to stay, whether for one night (en route somewhere else) or for a longer stay actually visiting the city. There is a free van from the airport (5 minutes) and a paid van hourly (US$11 round-trip) to downtown Zurich when you need it. The breakfast buffet is a veritable banquet including every treat you can imagine and is included in the price of the room. There is also a buffet at dinner time. Our last night there (after too many big meals) we opted for the salad and starter buffet that was fresher than any US salad bar and was more than ample along with the delicious breads we were served. The staff was very friendly and helpful. We also had a one-day stay at the Airport Movenpick Hotel that couldn't begin to compare with the Hilton.
Frannie, Tamworth, USA

My neighbourhood Favorite....

TORONTO, CANADA -- Toronto's women in the know head for Ax-Sis Spa and Salon for European-style pampering and hairstyling without a bit of attitude. Centrally located in the heart of posh Yorkville, where the height of fashion can sometimes be replaced with the lowliest of welcomes, this little gem is an original. Friendliness, competitive prices and complete customer satisfaction is the credo of a hip staff that earned Ax-Sis a nomination for the Canadian Salon of the Year Award. For fabulous manicures and pedicures, Tracy is my absolute favorite. Haircut and styling kudos goes to Maia, a true maven in hair management. (130 Cumberland Street, 2nd floor. 416.923.1211).
(Evelyn Hannon, Editor, Journeywoman)





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