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Tempur Canada


She Finds Fab Travel Info Online


Evelyn Hannon

When I started publishing in 1997, friends and readers would often e-mail asking if I had female contacts in the places they were travelling to. There were questions they needed answered, they explained -- issues like finding safe accommodation for women, proper dress codes, female-friendly fun things to do, etc. Whenever we could help, we did our best to connect these women travellers worldwide.

As Journeywoman grew so did our workload and often these readers' requests fell by the wayside. Clearly, we could not keep up with this huge demand for womens' travel information yet we knew how important this type of mentoring can be. And, that's when the concept of, a woman's online travel help line, was born.

In the beginning...

Why not harness the helpful energies and wisdom of other travelling women worldwide, we thought? If they would come forward to help out via e-mail, our service could be offered free of charge to all who requested it.

We sent the word out through our JW newsletter -- introducing the concept and asking for online volunteers to sign on (women willing to mentor other women as they travelled to their parts of the world). My lofty goal was to find at least one volunteer in every major city or town on the map. The response was immediate! Wonderfully helpful Journeywomen everywhere began offering their services at, and the first online travel directory for women was officially launched in 1998.

Exciting results...

Today, there are over 12,000 women who are ready to act as mentors for other Journeywomen travelling to their corners of the world. And, the system is working very well, indeed! Our stats show that over 24,000 connections have been made -- woman to woman and country to country. Meaningful friendships and important links have been forged, and the sistering continues! For example, readers write...

In 2000 I travelled to South Africa to speak at the Global Summit of Women Conference in Johannesburg. Prior to my trip I contacted and was put in touch with a wonderful woman named Marcia. Marcia provided me with a ton of useful information on her city, answered my questions concerning personal safety, and even met with me once I was there and showed me her city from an insider's perspective. Thank you for providing such a wonderful service. P.S. I have been a fan ever since I discovered your site several years ago and am constantly recommending it to my friends and colleagues. Keep up the great work.
Anne in Toronto, Canada

I'm having lunch with a JW from Hong Kong tomorrow, and one from Italy will be here in Feb sometime - HERmail is the catalyst bringing women together around the world!
Teena in Sydney, Australia

Through HERmail I had replied to an American lady regarding some queries on Bangalore, India and last week I spent 2 days with her, we went shopping, lunching and sightseeing, it was a wonderful experience. We exchanged so many notes about American and Indian culture. It was just great!! This is the second lady I am meeting through HERmail. Thank you.
Surekha in India

To read more about these interesting international connections and the ways that other women have used the service, please click here.





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