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Journeywoman Inspires at Travel Bloggers Exchange 2011 ...


It was my absolute pleasure to be invited to speak to the 700 attendees of the Travel Bloggers Exchange (TBEX) held in Vancouver, Canada in June of this year. I was asked to tell the Journeywoman Story, how it began in 1982 with 'just me' and how it grew to what it is today, a women's travel �network that reaches over 75,000 women in close to 200 countries and territories. My objective was to inspire my audience to reach for the stars and to stay true to their dreams.�

My speech was entitled, 'In Grandma's House' a title that the organizing committee came up with. They asked if I liked it. My response was, 'I love it' because it's true. I wear my grandmother identity with pride, that role is very important to me. �And, at age 71, I've been dubbed the "Grandmother of Woman's Travel.' �Who can find fault with being recognized as the pioneer in the field of women and travel?

Below I've included some of the reactions to my TBEX talk but I must point out that�whatever successes I've had I owe to all of you, my Journeywoman readers. From the very beginning I understood that we are all travel experts in the places where we live and the lands we have travelled to. Your combined tips that have been a constant year after year are the backbone of and for that I will be forever grateful. The opening line of my speech was dedicated to all of you. It went like this...

'I am a woman who dared to dream and females around the world joined hands and aligned with me to make that dream a reality. �For that I'm extremely grateful.'



A sampling of the positive feedback that was so much fun to receive ...

'I loved your talk at TBEX. I think it was my favorite presentation of the entire weekend. It was so heartfelt and inspiring'.
Jim Benning, Co-Editor of

'Your talk touched me and inspired me to stay true to myself, what I know and value, and reminded me that travel can be a healer of heartache and a catalyst for a bright and adventurous future. �So I thank you for sharing your wisdom'
Jeanette Kramer, Blog:��

'I had the pleasure to listen to Evelyn Hannon (Journeywoman), one of the premier storytellers and travel writing resources for women worldwide (and a Canadian, to boot!). Her keynote was incredibly inspiring, because her main message was, without a doubt, a call to stay true to your mandate, to your values and to your own self..... for your wonderful keynote, Evelyn, I thank you.' Blog Entry by Raul Pacheco

'Spectacular keynote at TBEX on Saturday, Evelyn. You kicked it off by raising the bar HIGH, I was inspired! Congrats. Safe travels!'
Ted Flett, Public Relations and Communications Manager, Canada,

'It was a very special moment at TBEX to hear about the journey that has led you from starting a humble newsletter for women travellers, to being featured in People Magazine, to being the keynote speaker at TBEX. Many congratulations on your achievements and pioneering the way for other travel writers.'
Jane Lloyd-Jones, President, SpectacularInk


Evelyn Hannon, Editor,
Twitter: @journeywoman
Facebook: LIKE us at and join the JW travel discussions in real time.




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