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She Connects Via the Internet
women travellers meet and greet 'round the world

Imagine the potential...

Over 100,000 visitors who love to travel have already made their way to the Journeywoman homepage.

If we could magically have a gab-fest with all of them at one time, think of the wonderful info we would exchange.

  • great little hotels with oodles of atmosphere,
  • single-friendly restaurants,
  • the best guidebooks and
  • the best shopping streets 'round the world.

Looking for a travelling partner? Trying to find the lowest fares? Want to track down great lingerie in a city half way across the world?

Recently, we began tracking the results of connections made through the Journeywoman Cyberboard. The following is just one of our success stories. We're hoping that it inspires more and more travellin' females to reach out and to make connections.


Karen Meets Teena...

This travel tale covering thousands of miles is a prime example of the exciting meetings and connections being made at the Journeywoman site......

E-mail Message
Push Pin

March 1, 1998

To: Evelyn Hannon, Editor, from Teena Hughes Australia

Evelyn, here I sit at my computer in Sydney overlooking the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House. I've just read my first emails since signing up with Journeywoman, and I must say I'm very impressed! I've been a single travelling woman for years, often moving to foreign countries to live for a year or two, and boy I sure could've used some of these contacts back then! The wealth of info you provide is fantastic, and whets my appetite for travel ...I, too, have many tips and info I could perhaps share.

Sydney, Australia

E-mail Message
Push Pin

March 2, 1998

To: Evelyn Hannon, Editor, from Karen, Canada

Thanks for an informative site.

I'm going to Sydney, Australia, in 3 weeks and could use any tips I can get. Is there a forum at this site where I can ask for help? Or connect with others here in Toronto, or in Sydney, before I go? Thanks,

E-mail Message
Push Pin

March 2, 1998

To: Teena in Australia from Evelyn Hannon, Editor

Hi Teena,
Your note to me was so pleasant that it stood out in my mind. Therefore, when I received the enclosed e-mail from Karen in Toronto, I thought that I'd connect the two of you. Can you help Karen with her request? I've posted her e-mail address so you can respond directly. If you are able to connect, please let me know the outcome. Cheers and thanks!

E-mail Message
Push Pin

March 2, 1998

To: Karen from Evelyn Hannon, Editor:

I've sent your note to Teena, a Journeywoman living in Sydney. Hopefully, she'll be able to help and will be in touch with you. I'll also post something on the cyberboard. Safe journeys!

E-mail Message
Push Pin

March 2, 1998

To: Evelyn Hannon, Editor, from Teena, Australia

here I sit at 11:40 at night and what a lovely surprise - your email came speeding through just as I was about to shut down and get some shut-eye! I'll email Karen and let you know what happens - thanks for thinking of me!

Cheers Teena

E-mail Message
Push Pin

March 5, 1998

To: Evelyn Hannon, Editor from Karen, Canada

Dear Evelyn,

Thanks so much for the Journeywoman contact in Sydney - she's already e-mailed me.

I'm going alone, with just carry on, and don't know a soul there. Amazing what turning 50 will do to a person - the men get trophy wives, and the women get happy!

Thanks again, Karen

Ed. note: Both Karen and Teena were so pleased with the results of their meeting that they've each sent their own version of the experience for other Journeywomen to share. Want to read their stories? Click here.





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