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She Introduces Sydney to a Friend

Teena Hughes is a silk artist and Macintosh computer evangelist who currently lives in Sydney, Australia, has travelled extensively and has lived in many countries. Her credo....."the world is my backyard."

Cruise Ship

As I scoured the faces of the crowd of tourists milling around the entrance to the ferry wharves, I tried to remember what the e-mail from Canada had said ....

"I'm on my way to the airport - if I were a puppy, I'd be wriggling all over! 5'8", short blonde hair ...".

This stranger I'd been e-mailing for the past two weeks sounded lovely - I couldn't wait to meet her!

We talked, talked, talked...

I stared meaningfully at all the women who walked nearby, hoping for a sparkle of recognition, looking for a Canadian pin on a jacket, but no one even offered eye contact.

And then, I saw her --a warm smile, an engaging grin, a big hug. Here was Karen, a woman from Toronto whom I'd met over the internet through the Journeywoman travel site.

Straight away we had coffee in view of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House. We both had so much to say ... two kindred spirits, gypsies who'd met through their common interest of travelling, computing, art and experiencing the cultures of the world. It was as though we were long lost friends who had years to catch up on, and we talked and talked and talked.

Sharing my favorite places...

I wanted to show Karen all 'my' favourite spots, but I think 'hers' was my balcony! Overlooking the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge, we sat sipping cocktails in the gorgeous summer afternoons. Yachts and ferries gliding by, the sun tickled our skin as we reclined and watched the sun set, extending its fingers of pink and gray across the wide expanse of Sydney sky.

One must-see I just had to share was the Rocks Market, where the streets become an amazing artist's mecca on weekends. Karen and I were overwhelmed with stunning colours and handpainted, hand-crafted, gorgeous pieces by Aussie artists. It was a sight-sound-&-touch sensation browsing through all that exciting artisan work. Together, we re-discovered a mutual love of all things artsy. It was a fabulous day!

One Thursday, we spent the morning in McMahon's Point at the foot of the north side of the Harbour Bridge. This was Karen's introduction to a piece of my life -- my volunteer Computer Class for Retired Folk - all in their 70s and 80s, quite a challenge and a heck of a lot of fun. Of course, she was welcomed warmly by my students. After class, we lunched right next door at the trendy Lavender Blue Cafe where we tempted our tastebuds and savoured local wine. Ahhhh, t'was the life! With tummies full and lots of laughter, we browsed the nearby shops and continued to get to know each other.

All too quickly Karen's two weeks in Sydney were over, and I felt I was losing a wonderful friend, so I emailed her before she even left Australia. To get her first reply was the reconnection, the confirmation of our friendship, and... we've been emailing ever since.

Teena's Tourism Notes....

Lavender Blue Cafe is located in McMahon's Point near an exquisite bay called ... you guessed it, Lavender Bay. It's a fabulous summer meeting point for lunch or dinner or coffee with friends. Sitting outdoors you are surrounded by lots of huge trees in one of the oldest parts of Sydney. The excellent menu is peppered with fabulous Aussie seafood and delicious crisp white wines.

The Thai Connection Restaurant (Fitzroy St, Kirribilli) is within walking distance of the park at the northern end of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Sitting on the upstairs balcony in the balmy summer air, you can treat yourself to Laksa - a spicy coconut sauce with noodles, bean sprouts, lemon grass, chicken and candle nuts. A true taste sensation!

Shopping for Sarongs was great fun! Neutral Bay is only 10 minutes north over the Harbour Bridge, and has some excellent shops offering everything from bargains to exclusive designer outfits. (Check out Mondo Bizarro, Theo's Arcade, 206 Military Road, Neutral). Karen bought some really inexpensive wrap-arounds and we also scoured a nearby shop filled with Balinese cotton clothes at remarkably cheap prices.



Teena Hughes maintains a very helpful and well-designed webpage all about her hometown, Sydney Australia and, much more . Want to take a peek? It's called, Absolutely Faaabulous! Australia and you can find it at:


There's lots more woman-centered information about Australia. Click here

Journeywoman thanks our sponsors...

All of the information in this article has been researched independantly by We thank the Australian Tourist Commission, Air New Zealand and South Corp Wines for sponsoring GIRLTALK AUSTRALIA, a women's cyberguide to Sydney and Melbourne.

This cyberguide is constantly being updated with new articles and tips. If you'd like to be notified when new additions are posted or if you have a woman-friendly travel product related to Australia that you feel will be appropriate for inclusion in this guide, please send an e-mail to with AUSTRALIA in the subject line and let us know.





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