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Solo Travel - Solo Evenings

Married Mother of Six Alone in Italy...

The first time I ever travelled alone, without husband or six kids, was both a freeing and terrifying experience. I could walk around in my hotel room naked, I could use the shower whenever I wanted, I could enjoy a breakfast of take-out cappucchino and hot rolls on the balcony of my hotel. I could read, eat, sleep, stay in, go out, whenever I felt like it without checking other's wishes and schedules. So many women say, "Oh, I could never do that. I'd be too frightened to travel alone, what if ...?" My reply is, "What if we never did any of the things that we really want to do because of fear?" (or is it lack of confidence?) That very first time, I was alone in Italy for only four days until my husband and children arrived. By the time they got there I was relaxed and happy to see them. But those four days gave me the confidence to travel back to Italy alone many times since then for longer and more exciting vacations. My travel tip would be, even if you're married, try a bit of solo travel. It's not as terrifying as you imagine it to be. In fact, it's great fun!
Maria,Weston, Ontario

Solo Dining at the Museum

I am a woman in my 50s who started travelling alone about four years ago. I just finished reading an article on your site regarding what women should do in the evenings. One author suggested eating a bigger meal in the middle of the day and snacking, etc., at dinner time. I wholeheartedly concur with this suggestion, especially since I try to go to a theatre performance or concert on most evenings. I would also add that a great place to eat that bigger meal is in the dining room of a museum. I have found, in England and in Italy, that most museums have lovely dining rooms that serve hot meals well into the afternoon. I usually plan to spend the day at the museum, have coffee and a snack during the late morning and then finish my visit with a late lunch. I have found the food excellent and reasonably priced. Moreover, on more than one occasion someone has sat down with me and entered into conversation. However, if no one joins me, I have reading material picked up during the museum tour to keep me company.
Katharine Terrie, New Hampshire, USA


Traveling alone has its rewards

I met a young couple from England at a camp in Africa fourteen years ago and we're still close friends ... miles apart (she in England and I in California and 30 years as well. I at 75 and she at 42!! A few years later, I spent a month alone in Cheshire at his little house and used her car. Neither were there. From her, I've been enriched with her friends in England who treat me like a favorite aunt. Once, when in Vic Falls, I started talking to a lady when we flew over the Falls. Later, I had made a reservation at the Victoria Falls Hotel for dinner by myself. When I arrived, I spotted her and she and a lady she had met during the day and we three shared a dinner...and GAMBLING at the hotel. It was an absolutely delightful evening We had all made reservations for one ... again our ages and homes were far apart. The next day the waiter asked me where my friends were. I said I didn't know and that I really had only just met them that day and we probably wouldn't meet again. He laughed and said he thought we were old friends!! We felt like it that evening. These are just two of the rewards I've had when traveling alone.
Helen, Glendale, California


Women's words

For years, my husband and I have advocated separate vacations. But, as hard as we try, the kids keep finding us.
(Source: Erma Bombeck, with Bil Keane, 1971)


Solo experience in Venice...

I am a 58 year old woman who traveled solo to Venice and had a great time. I stayed at a B&B right around the corner from St Maria Del Salute Church and attended the mass honoring St Mary for saving the Venitians from the plague in the 1500's. I had lunch and dinner in the bars and the bartenders were all very friendly and it was fun to watch the locals as they met in the evenings with their friends. When I needed directions, everyone was super nice and once when I got lost, I just kept on walking and finally came full circle from where I'd started. A great vacation indeed!

I stayed at the B&B, Locanda Ca' Zose located in a restored 17th century building. It was right next to St Maria Del Salute Church in the Dorsoduro district (close to the vaporetta stop). It is modern, clean and the complimentary breakfast is very good. The en-suite bathrooms has tiled floors, heated towel rods, thick towels, a bidet and complimentary amenities. I felt very comfortable and safe there. Highly recommended!

P.S. There are a few floors in this B&B. The female proprietor carried my luggage up the stairs on check in and down on checkout. Address: 193/B (Calle del Bastion), Venice 30123, Italy near the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, just 100 meters from the local waterbus stop of Salute (you can see S. Mark Square across the water) Rates: 95 euro per night. Website:
Maryann, Texas, USA


More solo travel motivation...

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Keeping yourself safe and happy...

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