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Women Writers Share Their Travel Secrets for 2013

The Little Museum of Dublin ...

When visiting Dublin and short on time, head to The Little Museum of Dublin and get an insight into one hundred years of Dublin history and folklore in under an hour. This fun museum is housed in a beautiful Georgian building with eclectic exhibits featuring the podium used by JFK during his visit to Dublin, newspaper cuttings about a young U2 and a first edition of James Joyce's Ulysses.

Submitted by Fiona Hilliard | Website: Twitter: @ArgusCarHire

EDITOR'S NOTE: Fiona has written a very helpful article for us called, '20 Things Women Should Know About Dublin.' Click here to read it.

Shop till you drop in Istanbul ...

Armaggan means gift in Turkish and Armaggan is one of Istanbul's most alluring shopping destinations. This gorgeous store, near the Grand Bazaar, is five floors of fashion, homewares, silks, objet's d'art, plus an excellent Turkish bistro and a contemporary art gallery. Armaggan devotes itself to manufacturing the finest Turkish textiles, leather goods, silks, and more. The company employs village women experts in traditional crafts, fusing tradition with stunning design. This is a special place of culture and beauty. Address: Nuruosmaniye Caddessi.

Submitted by Sally Peabody | Website:

EDITOR'S NOTE: Sally has written an excellent article for us called, '20 Things Women Should Know Before Visiting Istanbul.' Click here to read it.

Chilling in Las Vegas ...

I love Las Vegas, but the constant sensory stimulation can be overwhelming after awhile. To recharge your batteries with a soothing, mellow experience, treat yourself to high tea (as a late lunch) at the Petrossian Bar in the Bellagio resort. Your tea selection comes with a variety of pastries and your choice of four finger sandwiches. (You won't be able to eat it all, so pick some pastries to bring back to your room for a snack later.) Bring a book, relax, and enjoy this civilized experience before heading back out into the sensory barrage of the casinos. Website:

Submitted by Gray Cargill | Website: Twitter: @VegasSolo

EDITOR'S NOTE: Gray has written an excellent article for us called, '25 Things Women Should Know Before Visiting Las Vegas.' Click here to read it.

Budget by thinking ahead ...

Something that I've found helpful for travelling in my own province in Canada is to reserve a rental car very early in the year for the year's peak travel holiday weekends. I've been able to get very good rates before the computers have been updated for the upcoming year's high demand, high price periods. Then later I cancel what I don't need.

Submitted by Lucy Izon | Website: Twitter: @CanadaCool

Lost in Paris?

Don't use a map in the street. Ever. This is a tip off to 'opportunists' that you're a tourist in Paris. If you have a specific destination(s) in mind for that day, scribble the route in a pocket notebook that you can discreetly refer to while on the street. Download an app to your phone that gives you live maps. Or buy the blue Paris Pratique par Arrondissement from any local newstand. It's a guide even Parisians use to navigate unfamiliar streets.

Submitted by Linda Donahue | Website: Twitter: @fineprintstudio

A place in Florence that inspires ...

When I travel, I always look for a good place to write - a café table with a view. I found the perfect spot in Florence, at the historic literary café Giubbe Rosse, which looks out on the grand and lively Piazza della Repubblica. Giubbe Rosse named for the red jackets the waiters wear - is popular with tourists and locals alike and offers a full menu of Italian dishes (including pizza) along with an excellent wine selection. Next door is GR's sister restaurant Pescerosso (The Red Fish) where Chef David's creations feature fresh seafood from the Tuscan coast. Both restaurants are open through the afternoon and until 11:30 p.m. No reservations required. And they don't mind if you sit under the canopy all afternoon and write in your journal writers and artists have been hanging out at Giubbe Rosse for more than a century.

Submitted by Rebecca Bricker | Website: Facebook page: Tales from Tavanti by Rebecca Bricker

EDITOR'S NOTE: Rebecca has written the article, '25 Things a Woman Should Know Before Visiting Florence, Italy.' Click here to read it.

BONUS TIP - Special place for your passport...

You know that sinking feeling when you're packing and you go to get your passport and you can't find it? Then you begin scrounging in pockets of jackets, carry-on suitcases and your travel purse. 'Ahhh' breathe a sigh of relief when you finally find it. Your heart beat goes back to normal. Sound familiar? I've eliminated all of that with my cardinal rule. No procrastinating. Right after I return from a trip my first job is to take my passport out of my purse and put it right into my passport drawer (same place all the time). And there it stays until I need it the next time. Easy Peasy!

Submitted by Evelyn Hannon | Website: Twitter: @journeywoman

BONUS -- Do you know about Chicago Greeters?

Chicago Greeter offers individuals or groups up to six people a personalized view of Chicago and its neighborhoods. The free service, which matches visitors with a knowledgeable resident "Greeter" is an excellent way to see the city and explore its diverse neighborhoods from the perspective of a local. Seven-business days advance notice is preferred. Chicago Greeter is a service of the Chicago Office of Tourism, a division of the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs. For further information, visit:

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