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This Month's Hot Deals

Women Writers Share Their Travel Secrets for 2013

Evelyn Hannon

As the editor of, each year I reach out to the women writers I know and I ask them to share one of their juicy tips with our Network. Here are the first 12 pieces of advice we received. We'll share more of their 'wise words' in the upcoming months.

P.S. We've listed their websites, blogs and Twitter handles. We think you'll really enjoy their work. Check 'em out!

Excellent budget accommodation in South America ...

Traveling on a budget does not mean you need to stay in hostels in South America. In fact hostels are a relatively new concept in this region. Instead look for 'hospedajes' which are like B&Bs where you can get a private room with a washroom, television and internet for the price of a hostel dorm bed.

Submitted by Ayngelina Brogan | Website: Twitter: @ayngelina

Travelling with kids with nut allergies ...

If you or your children have nut allergies, be sure to contact the airline you're flying with two days in advance of your trip. They should be able to provide you with a peanut-free flight. Also, make sure you bring two Epipens onboard along with a letter from your doctor proving your child needs them for the flight. Why two Epipens? You'll need the second if the first is faulty.

Submitted by Erica Ehm | Website: Twitter: @yummymummyclub

Use non-stop buses in Mexico ...

The Mexican bus system is an excellent way to get around the country. Buses are safe, secure, clean, comfortable, inexpensive, run on time, offer water and snacks upon boarding, and some routes even offer free Wifi. I've travelled the following routes: Mexico City and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico City and Puebla, Puebla and Oaxaca, San Miguel de Allende and Leon (Mexico's shoe capital) and various destination throughout the State of Chiapas all the way to the Mexico/Guatemala border. I travel during day light hours and select routes that are direct and non-stop. Check out: and

Submitted by Anne Dimon | Website: Twitter: @annedimon

Choose wine bars in France and Italy ...

Dining as a solo female can be awkward and fear-inducing. Many resort to eating unhealthy fast food on the go. But I love to dine at wine bars where you can enjoy a sit-down meal while blending in at the bar. Chat up the bartender who can not only keep you company, but can also be a wealth of local knowledge. You'll also find a wide selection of wine by the glass. I recommend: In Florence - Enoteca Pitti Gola e Cantina An elegant option with high quaility food right near thePitti Palace. In Paris - Ô Chateau Has 40 wines by the glass, a five minute walk from the Louvre.

Submitted by Robin Locker Lacey | Website: Twitter: @MyMelange

EDITOR'S NOTE: Robin has written a wonderful article for us called, '10 Really Good Things I Know About Paris'. Click here to read.

Great hostel in Bangkok ...

If you're looking for affordable accommodations in Bangkok try my favorite hostel in the world, Lub-d. They offer squeaky-clean dorms (female or mixed) and private rooms; common areas designed for meeting other travelers; and unique, fun tours of the city. Lub-d Siam is located just a few feet from a Sky Train station in Siam Square, the shopping hotspot in Bangkok. Lub-d Silom is in a quieter neighborhood, just a short walk to good (and cheap!) local restaurants. They also have the best staff in the world - I happened to be checking out on my birthday last year and as as surprise, they sang happy birthday to me! Website:

Submitted by Barbara Ann Weibel | Website: Twitter: @holeinthedonut

Try some Mother-Daughter travel...

Remember those exhausting family holidays when your kids were young? Well, now that grumpy little kid styles in her Jimmy Choo's, carries Coach, critiques Broadway shows, and knows her sushi from sashimi. Suddenly, travelling with her is a treat. Plan a Mother-Daughter Weekend. My youngest wanted to take a bite out of the Big Apple - with me. Trump Tower, the Empire State, Brooklyn Bridge - frankly, she wanted it all. Our Hoboken hotel (hinting of Sinatra) conveniently combined with MetroCards, museums, CityPasses, pizzerias...and plenty of shopping. Sometimes, it's your daughter you shouldn't travel without. Make an indelible memory.

Submitted by Ursula Maxwell-Lewis | Website: Twitter: @YouTravel

BONUS TIP - What Should I Pack?

Have you heard about They work with talented crafts people around the world to showcase and sell the products they create. I just received a beautiful pashmina that was purchased on their website. It's gorgeous -- black wool with multi-colored flowers embroidered all over it. It's the perfect JourneyWoman piece. I'll take it travelling because not only will it keep me warm, it will dress up any ordinary tee-short or sweater for a special evening event. P.S. This shawl came packaged in a lovely net bag and enclosed with it was a note from the artisan who created it. Take a peek at their offerings. There are robes suitable for travelling, jewelry, handbags and more.

Submitted by Evelyn Hannon, Editor of

EDITOR'S NOTE: We were so impressed with the Novica site that we are considering joining forces with them in a very helpful, positive way but we want your opinion first - Should we become a affiliate? That would mean for every item purchased via links from our website, our site would be paid a small fee to be used solely for maintaining the Journeywoman website. What do you think? Yes or no? Please let us know at:

BONUS -- La Zucca in Venice ...

In Venice if you are looking for a vegetarian restaurant, this is the place for you. La Zucca is quite famous with Venetians and tourists alike for the high quality of the food which they serve, that believe me, in Venice can be a rarity. Their main ingredient, as the name of the restaurant suggests, is Pumpkin, which the chefs have managed to cook in all sort of ways. The place is always packed, so you MUST book well in advance, but believe me it is worth it. The most famous dish is their Pumpkin flan, which is cooked with all sort of spices. The main dishes always include pumpkins, mixed with the most unthinkable ingredients. They do not cook just vegetables though, meat is also one of the ingredients on offer, always cooked in some sort of spices. The prices are not too high, you can have a meal there for around 40 Euros per person, again not so bad for Venice. And they also play some lovely jazz music in the background. Address: Calle del Tintor, Sestiere Santa Croce, 1762 Tel: 041 52 41 570


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