Journeywoman Writer's Guidelines

Thanks for your interest in submitting your travel material to, the premiere travel resource for women. Our website's mandate is to inspire females to travel safely and well and to connect women travellers worldwide. Each article we publish should reflect at least one aspect of that mandate.

Does Journeywoman accept articles?
Yes! We love to hear from our community. Ideas for articles are generated both by the Journeywoman staff and our Community. Articles should be well-developed and focused, with a message and practical advice for women travellers.

NOTE: Journeywoman will not publish articles that have been paid for or are in any way subsidized by an airline, hotel, tourist board or other organization with an interest, direct or indirect, in the subject of an article. We do not accept advertising-style articles from agencies.

At this time, we do not compensate writers for articles, but we hope to in the future.

Write for Journeywoman!

Do you have a female-centered travel experience you'd like to share? Women travellers as well as travel writers often gift us with select stories they would like to see published at the site.

Journeywoman will not respond to each individual e-mail submission. If your article is chosen for publication you will be notified by e-mail.

Guidelines for submissions...

At the top of the document, please write your name, word count, the date and title of the article. We prefer articles that are less than 500 words but will consider longer articles.

Each article should be written in the present tense, with active voice.

Each article should include a 'sidebar'. This should list the places or tours mentioned in your article, and include website links.

If facts are included in the article, a link to the source must be provided.

Articles should be written from a woman's point of view and should contain information of particular interest to the female traveller. However, we will definitely accept articles from men if they are appropriate to our mandate.

Journeywoman never publishes advertorial -- stories created by PR firms or tourist boards. We also do not accept pitches from content marketing companies.

Priority will be given to articles that include helpful travel tips and humorous stories about experiences off the beaten trail -- it's not always enough to tell a good travel story, readers should learn about a new hotel, restaurant, culturally correct clothing information, etc.

We welcome articles that fit into the following categories:
  • Love Stories With a Travel Twist
  • Travelling with Children and Mother/Daughter fun!
  • Single Mom's Travel
  • An excerpt from a travel book you've written (no fiction)
  • Business Travel
  • Major Cities -- Tips on hotels, restaurants, things to do, etc.
  • Outdoor Adventures
  • Personal Travel Stories
  • Travel 101 - "How to..."
  • Spa stories
  • The Older Adventuress
  • Top Ten Lists (Best Snack Food to Pack in Your Backpack, Best Cities to Shop In, Best Single-friendly Restaurants in New York, etc.)
Your articles should be original. However, they can be female-friendly versions of something you've already written. If this is the case, note where and when the original article was published.

We welcome high resolution, original photographs once we have accepted your submission. Do not send photographs when you send in your article.

When you submit your article, state that you have read these writer's guidelines.

Length is up to 500 words. Send 2-3 lines of bio that can be used to introduce your story, and your social media handles.

Before you begin writing, we suggest that you read at least two articles posted on our website. There is a particular light-hearted spirit and female-centered content that we're looking for.

Your article belongs to you...

Your article belongs to you and you can publish it wherever you please once it appears at However, if your story is chosen for publication at, Journeywoman reserves the right to republish this information one time only (under your name) in other newsletter, on social media, or other columns she writes/edits or in travel books she publishes.


E-mail submissions only...

Submissions are made by e-mail. Send your stories to

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Past articles...

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